White SAVA Dream Maker-105 Di2 Groupset
SAVA Dream Maker-Shimano Ultegra Di2-SAVA Carbon Bike
Dream maker Di2 R8170-SAVA Carbon Bike
700C carbon fiber wheelset-SAVA Carbon Bike
Fullin tegrated carbon fiber handlebar-SAVA Carbon Bike
Fizik saddle-hollow cushion-SAVA Carbon Bike
Full integrated handlebar-SAVA Carbon Bike
Shimano ultegra BR-R8100 groupset-SAVA Carbon Bike
SHIMANO Ultegra CS-R8100-Dream Maker-SAVA Carbon Bike
Shimano Ultegra Di2 FD-R8150-Dream Maker-SAVA Carbon Bike
Shimano Ultegra Di2 RD-R8150--Dream Maker-SAVA Carbon Bike
Shimano Ultegra Di2 ST-R8170--Dream Maker-SAVA Carbon Bike
Shimano Ultegra FC-R8100--Dream Maker-SAVA Carbon Bike
T1000 carbon fiber frame--Dream Maker-SAVA Carbon Bike
2023 SAVA Dream Maker Di2 Full Carbon Bike

2023 SAVA Dream Maker Di2 Full Carbon Bike

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Experience the smooth ride of the SAVA Dream Maker Di2 Full Carbon Bike. Featuring a T1000 carbon fiber frame and Shimano Di2 R8170 groupset, you can cruise with ease with its 24 speeds. Enjoy the perfect blend of performance and comfort for all of your rides.

  • Cutting-Edge Carbon Construction: Crafted from T1000 Carbon Fiber, this bike boasts a frame, fork, seatpost, handlebar, and wheelset designed for exceptional strength, lightweight performance only 7.48kg and precise handling
  • Sleek Internal Wiring: Enjoy a clean aesthetic and reduced wind resistance with the full inner wiring design, enhancing both the bike's appearance and your aerodynamic advantage.
  • Innovative Front Fork Design: The hollow integrated front fork enhances responsiveness and minimizes weight, elevating your riding experience with enhanced agility and control.
  • Top-Notch Drivetrain: Equipped with the Shimano Di2 R8170 Kit, experience unparalleled electronic shifting precision for seamless gear changes, giving you a competitive edge on any terrain.
  • Powerful Hydraulic Braking: The hydraulic disc brake system ensures reliable stopping power, instilling confidence during high-speed descents and challenging conditions.
  • Effortless Assembly: With 90% of the bike pre-assembled, you can hit the road sooner, enjoying a hassle-free setup that allows you to focus on what you love ‚Äď riding.

Model:Dream Maker 105 Di2 R7170 24S

Frame T1000 carbon fiber, internal cable routing
Fork T1000 Carbon Fiber, R17 Internal Cable Routing
Handlebar T1000 carbon fiber integrated handlebar R17, 420*31.8
Seatpost T1000 R17, shaped 350MM
Rims carbon fiber 700C*24H F/V, 50 high
Hubs Aluminum ,14G*24H M12*100 ,14G*24H M12*142 11S
Barrel shaft aluminum, M12*142, rear 161mm, M12*100 front 120MM
Headset Jingye FBP16-2 components
Crankset SHIMANO FC-R7100.105 12-SPEED. 2. 170MM, 50-34T
BB Jingye BBT47 hollow with teeth center shaft M47*1.0
Chain KMCX12 X12R/NP/GY/112/RO/50PX50/CL552-NP
Left shift lever SHIMANO ST-R7170(L), BR-R7170(F), FOR 140MM. 800MM. 5 GROUP,
Right shift lever SHIMANO ST-R7170(R), BR-R7170(R)25MM.1500MM.5 GROUP
Front derailleur SHIMANO FD-R7150.105 12-SPEED. CS-ANGLE:61-66.GEAR:50-52T,CL:44.5MM
Rear derailleur SHIMANO RD-R7150.12-SPEED.W/TL-EW300, 5TH GROUP
Freewheel SHIMANO 105 CS-R7100.12-SPEED, 11-12-13-14-15-17-19-21-24-27-30-34T
Tires IRC 700*25C 60TPI skin color folding thin edge
Pedal SY RD3-CR lock pedal
Saddle T90. Carbon Fiber 3K Bottom Shell
Battery SHIMANO BT-DN300


Model:Dream Maker Ultegra Di2 R8170 24S

Frame T1000 carbon fiber, internal cable routing
Fork T1000 Carbon Fiber, R17 Internal Cable Routing
Handlebar T1000 carbon fiber integrated handlebar R17, 420*31.8
Seatpost T1000 R17, shaped 350MM
Rims Acer carbon fiber 
Hubs Aluminum ,M12*100 ,M12*142 11S
Barrel shaft aluminum, M12*142, rear 161mm, M12*100 front 120MM
Headset Jingye FBP16-2 components
Crankset SHIMANO FC-R8100.12-SPEED. 2. 170MM, 50-34T W/O CG, W/O BB
BB Jingye BBT47 hollow with teeth center shaft M47*1.0
Chain CN-M8100, 108L.12-SPEED, W/QUICK-LINK, 
Left shift lever SHIMANO ST-R8170(L), BR-R8170(F), FOR 140MM. 800MM. 6th Group
Right shift lever SHIMANO ST-R8170(R), BR-R8170(R)25MM.1500MM.6th Group
Front derailleur SHIMANO FD-R8150.12-SPEED. CS-ANGLE:61-66.GEAR:50-54T,CL:43.5MM
Rear derailleur SHIMANO RD-R8150.12-SPEED.W/TL-EW300, 6th Group
Freewheel SHIMANO CS-R8100.12-SPEED, 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-19-21-24-27-30T
Tires IRC 700*25C 60TPI skin color folding thin edge
Pedal SY RD3-CR lock pedal
Saddle T90. Carbon Fiber 3K Bottom Shell
Battery SHIMANO BT-DN300

Recommend size:

SAVA Dream Maker Recommend Size

R17 Frame Geometry:


R17 Frame Geometry

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Rejecting the Use of a Single Bicycle Frame for the Entire Bike

We have independently invested in modeling after team research and multiple testing phases for various bicycle models, primarily to enhance safety performance and riding experience.

Carbon Fiber Streamlined Bicycle Frame Structural Design

The uniquely designed carbon fiber frame enhances the bicycle's aesthetics, ensuring not only lightweight,rigid, and shock-absorbing properties but also elevating its aerodynamic performance.

One-piece handlebar fork

Developed Through Aerodynamic Testing, Not Only Reducing Weight but also Converting More Power, Simultaneously Enhancing Overall Maneuverability..

The application of Carbon Fibre

Carbon fiber, a novel material, is among the strongest and lightest composites, highly resistant to corrosion and rust, with robust carbon bonds within its fibers, making it the top choice for rockets, aerospace, luxury sports cars, and high-end bicycles

Road bike carbon fiber part marking

Carbon fiber bikes are both lightweight and durable, using aerodynamics for better sprint performance, making starting and accelerating effortless.

T1000 Carbon Fiber Handlebar

T1000 Carbon Handlebar For optimal control, reduced weight and enhanced vibration damping for an unrivaled ride.

T1000 Carbon Fiber Fork

The T1000 carbon fiber fork offers unmatched lightweight durability and precision performance.

T1000 Carbon Fiber Front and Rear Wheelsets

The T1000 carbon fiber wheelset delivers exceptional speed, agility, and strength for unparalleled cycling performance.

T1000 Carbon Fiber Frame/Seatpost

The T1000 carbon fiber frame and seatpost combine ultimate stiffness and comfort for an unbeatable riding experience.

Integrated Full Internal Cable Routing Design

The intricate interior craftsmanship achieves a clean and stylish exterior, reducing aerodynamic drag and minimizing the collision between cable housing and the bicycle frame.

High-end Brushed Gold-edged Design

Experience elegance and luxury in motion with our meticulously crafted wire-drawn gold rim design. Elevate your ride with a touch of opulence that seamlessly combines aesthetics and performance, setting new standards for cycling sophistication.

One-piece Low position aerodynamic design

Especially when accelerating and going downhill, it saves effort and is faster, taking aerodynamics to a new level

Hollow ultimate wind-breaking cockpit design

Streamlined aerodynamic cockpit design maximizes speed and efficiency, enhancing cycling performance

Shimano configuration display

The new Shimano Ultegra Di2 introduces a high-performance era, using years of research to enhance gear combinations, featuring a specialized braking system, and utilizing the versatile Di2 platform with precise ergonomic design.

SHIMANO DI2 R8170 Groupset

Shimano Ultegra Di2 ST-R8170

Revolutionizing cycling with streamlined aerodynamics, wireless connectivity, ergonomic engineering, advanced brake control, and high energy efficiency. Adaptable for wired/wireless setups, it boasts extended battery life for unrivaled electronic shifting innovation.

Shimano Ultegra Di2 FD-R8150

Elevate your shifting experience with the SHIMANO ULTEGRA Di2 Front Derailleur. Lightning-fast gear changes, aerodynamic design, and automatic trimming ensure optimal performance. Versatile compatibility and easy installation make it a top choice for cyclists seeking top-tier efficiency.

Shimano Ultegra Di2 RD-R8150

Experience lightning-fast, precise electronic shifting and sleek aerodynamics with Shimano Ultegra Di2 RD-R8150 rear derailleur. Effortless installation, automatic tension adjustments, and versatile compatibility for peak cycling performance.

Shimano Ultegra BR-R8100

Its advanced design delivers swift, reliable performance and enhanced modulation for precise adjustments, instilling confidence on any terrain. Easy installation and compatibility make it a seamless upgrade for conquering roads and trails

Shimano Ultegra FC-R8100

Attain optimal balance in Shimano Ultegra FC-R8100 with its HOLLOWGLIDE structure, harmonizing weight and strength for enhanced power transfer and precise front shifting.

Shimano Ultegra CS-R8100

Elevate your cycling prowess with Shimano Ultegra CS-R8100. Unleash unparalleled performance through its precision-engineered design, seamless gear transitions, and optimized power transfer. Experience the epitome of cycling excellence with every pedal stroke

Shimano SM-RT70 140MM disc rotors

Unlock unmatched braking control and precision with Shimano SM-RT70 140mm disc rotors. Engineered for optimal heat dissipation and reduced fade, these rotors deliver consistent stopping power in any conditions.

Shimano BT-DN300 Battery

Engineered for reliability, the battery is seamlessly compatible, and its compact, sleek design ensures easy integration.

Shimano Ultegra CN-M8100

Experience the pinnacle of chain performance with Shimano Ultegra CN-M8100. Achieve flawless shifting precision, exceptional durability, and enhanced power transfer, ensuring every pedal stroke propels you towards cycling excellence.

Brake Performance Schematic

Shimano Ultegra R8100 brakes have excellent heat dissipation technology. The shorter the braking distance, the safer it is. Below is a diagram of the braking distance.

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