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Light weight bike

Full carbon road bike with carbon fiber frame,fork,seat post,handlebar,wheelset,shimano ultegra groupset,provide the best cycling experience

Toray T800 carbon fiber frame

Carbon material is lightweight, can reduce the overall weight of the bicycle, reduce the physical energy consumption of the rider, increase the riding speed, high strength, high stiffness, the bicycle is not easy to deform, the riding life is longer, the shock absorption effect is good, and the endurance is high. , acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance

SAVA Carbon road bike T800 carbon fiber frame bicycle lightweight bicylce
SAVA carbon mountain bike for sale T800 carbon fiber frame
SAVA carbon gravel road bike  700*40C gravel road bike tires
Gravel Bike
SAVA carbon folding bike with t700 carbon fiber frame
Folding bike

SAVA's mission is to make our Carbon Bike accessible to every customer, the cheapest Carbon Bikes and Carbon Power Surfboards in the industry

SAVA power surfboard for sale jetboard
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Gravel road bike

Gravel road bikes are going to be mainstream,combining the great grip of mountain bikes with big tires and the speed of road bikes,suitable for all kinds of adventrure roads,long-distance travel

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SAVA Electronic shifter lever road bike  road bike hydraulic brake levers

2022 new arrival

Electronic shifter road bike

Di2 electronic shifting simplifies shifting performance into a shift button, improving longevity and precision. Di2 has an extremely strong seal, is completely waterproof, and does not affect shifting in bad weather.

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