SAVA User Manuals

The SAVA electronic shifting road bike use manual: download

The SAVA power surfboard use manual: download

The SAVA mountain bike use manual: download

Yes! Our bikes are 95% assembled, the rest is a simple and quick process. We included a brief description in the box.
We will provide you with all the necessary tools to assemble the bike yourself

SAVA Z0 folding Bike:

SAVA Z1 folding bike:

SAVA Z2 folding bike:

SAVA Z3 carbon folding bike:

SAVA Warwind carbon road bike:

SAVA Warwind3.0 carbon road bike:

SAVA Herd6.0 carbon mountain bike:

SAVA Phantom3.0 carbon road bike:

KOOTU Carbon mountain bike:

KOOTU carbon mountain bike:

SAVA Carbon mountain bike:

SAVA Gravel road bike:

 KOOTU R8020 full carbon road bike: