SAVA Carbon Mountain Bike


      The SAVA carbon mountain bike is a high-performance mountain bike designed for avid cyclists and mountain bikers. It is made of lightweight carbon fiber material, which makes it extremely strong and durable while also being lightweight and agile.

      The bike features a sleek and stylish design, equiped with shimano derailleurs and shifters
      which allow for precise and smooth shifting between gears. Its wide range of gears makes it easy to tackle steep climbs and fast descents, making it a versatile bike suitable for a range of different mountain biking styles.

      SAVA carbon mountain bike with high-end suspension system that provides excellent shock absorption, making it ideal for tackling rough, rocky, or steep terrain. Its disc brakes offer reliable stopping power, even in wet or muddy conditions, giving riders the confidence to ride at higher speeds and take on more challenging trails.


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