SAVA Carbon Powered Surfboard Jet Surf Board Fuel Skateboard - SAVA Carbon Bike
SAVA Carbon Powered Surfboard Jet Surf Board Fuel Skateboard - SAVA Carbon Bike
SAVA Carbon Powered Surfboard Jet Surf Board Fuel Skateboard - SAVA Carbon Bike
SAVA Carbon Powered Surfboard Jet Surf Board Fuel Skateboard - SAVA Carbon Bike
SAVA Carbon Powered Surfboard Jet Surf Board Fuel Skateboard - SAVA Carbon Bike
SAVA Carbon Powered Surfboard Jet Surf Board Fuel Skateboard - SAVA Carbon Bike
SAVA Carbon Powered Surfboard Jet Surf Board Fuel Skateboard - SAVA Carbon Bike
SAVA Carbon Powered Surfboard Jet Surf Board Fuel Skateboard - SAVA Carbon Bike
motorized surfboard|sava powered surfboard

SAVA Carbon Powered Surfboard Jet Surf Board Fuel Skateboard

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Enjoy the ultimate surfing experience with the SAVA Carbon Powered Surfboard. Featuring a lightweight, carbon fiber construction and a powerful gas powered engine, this board reaches speeds of up to 50km/h, giving you an adrenaline-fueled ride that you won't soon forget. With 5 pcs carbon fiber fins, you can easily maneuver and control your speed up to 60 km. Get an unbeatable ride at an affordable price.

  • Carbon fiber material made
  • 109CC 2 stroke water cooled engine
  • Speed Up to 55km/h
  • Range up to 60km
  • 5 pcs Carbon Fiber fins
  • Low noise
  • Free rack include

Technical Details:


SAVA motorized surfboard technical details

SAVA motorized surfboard user manual:Download

SAVA motorized surfboard precaution :Download

How to install your new board:

United States: By sea, 40 days, Trackable, UPS tracking.Air parcel 12 days, Trackable, SF Airline.

Russia :30-35 Days, Truck delivery, trackable.

Europe Country: By sea, 40 days, Trackable, UPS tracking.

Canada: By sea, 40 days , Truck delivery, non trackable

Mexico: By sea, 40-50 days. Truck delivery, non trackable.

Asia: By Air,10-15 days,trackable

(If your country not on the list, please contact us to check details)

SAVA Motorized surfboard CE Certificate:Download

SAVA Motorized surfboard test report: Download

About Surfboard Warranty:

The surfboard comes with a one-year warranty 


If any SAVA powered surfboard product is warranted, warranty service is only available to customers who purchased it on this site, and SAVA will cover shipping costs associated with replacement if the product is deemed to be under warranty.

  • This policy only covers manufacturer defects.
  • You must have proof of a valid order number.

If you meet with any question during using the product, please contact the local dealer or contact us.

1.When you respond the failure, please tell us your name, address, contact telephone and product model, detailed description about the failure, we will serve you ASAP.

2.Warranty card: Please take good care of your warranty card and purchasing invoice; when you need contact us

3.When the product meets with failure within the warranty period, pls contact the local dealer or us. If you still can’t solve the probonsult or repair, please contact the local dealer or contact us. Lem according to the manual instructions as mentioned above.

4.If the time exceeds the warranty period and you need the repairment, please contact the local dealer or contact us for repairing, and we need charge a certain fees.

Beyond Warranty Range:

(1) Consumables such as spark plugs and motors are no longer covered by the warranty

(2) Damage caused by human factors such as unauthorized modification, arrangement of non-original parts or non-use as required will not be covered by warranty

(3) Failure to add lubricant to gasoline as required or use of inferior lubricating oil, resulting in no warranty for the engine.

(4) Wear and tear caused by illegal operations, damage caused by accidents, and damage caused by inhalation of foreign objects are not guaranteed.

  • Damage caused by improper care, handling or storage.
  • Damage due to heat exposure, including but not limited to direct sunlight, excessive time in the car, board wraps, etc.
  • Previous maintenance
  • Broken board
  • Circuit boards showing signs of improper care or handling
  • Collateral Damage Unreasonable Use or Abuse
  • Damage from normal wear and tear.
  • Perforations and/or previous repairs.
  • Dent and/or indentation from normal use and shock.
  • Cosmetic blemishes, i.e. scratches and/or paint chips
  • Damage caused by any cause other than defects in material and/or workmanship.
  • Demo board
  • Damage caused by unauthorized modification

Q:Does the surfboard come with Gasoline or electric?

A:It is gasoline type. The surfboard equipped with two stroke water cooling engine. Use #95 above gasoline mix lube oil , the Fuel Proportion 30:1

Q: Are fuel-powered surfboards difficult to operate?

A: No, it is easier to operate. The engine is started with a pull cord, and the throttle can be controlled with a hand-held remote.

Q: How fast can a fuel-powered surfboard go?

A: With full fuel, the surfboard can running about 60km. (at the speed of 40km per hours, it can last about 90min)

Q: How long can a surfboard run with a tank of gas?

A: The fuel tank can hold enough gas to provide up to two hours of continuous use for the surfboard.

Q:How long can I play after the battery is fully charged?

A:Normally, it could support 2 days of play after battery full charge.So you need to charge every per day.

Q:How much does a surfboard weigh?

A:The complete surfboard weight 27kg

Q:How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

A: About 5 hours

Q: Is SAVA carbon fiber fuel-powered surfboard safe?

A: Yes, the surfboard is designed with safety in mind, including a kill switch that shuts off the engine in an emergency.

Q: What are the benefits of using a fuel-powered surfboard?

A: Benefits include the ability to cover greater distances in the water, achieve higher speeds, and have better control over the direction and maneuverability of the board.

Q: Are fuel-powered surfboards legal in all waters?

A: It is important to check the local regulations and laws in your area regarding the use of fuel-powered boats. Some bodies of water may have restrictions on their use.

Q: How do SAVA Carbon Fiber Fuel powered surfboards compare to traditional surfboards?

A: Fuel-powered surfboards have unique features that traditional surfboards cannot match, including increased speed and maneuverability. However, it may not be suitable for all surfers or all types of waves.

Hight-tech Material

Carbon fiber’s exceptional strength-to-weight ratio allows surfers to ride faster and more maneuverable waves, providing a superior surfing experience.

SAVA Carbon fiber surfboard|powered surfboard
109CC 2 stroke water-cooled engine

2 Storke 109 CC Engine

Highly efficient, powerful and compact, providing excellent acceleration and speed for high-performance applications.

Large Capacity,Long Range

Longer surfing sessions without interruption for refueling, providing a more enjoyable experience.

3.5L large fuel tank
stainless stell muffler
stainless jet pump

Upgraded Stainless Steel Material

Durable and sturdy muffler,jet pump

Easy to Control

Effortless and easy starting of the surfboard engine, allowing for quick and hassle-free use.

carbon fiber fins

Carbon Fiber Fins

Exceptional strength, stiffness, and durability while reducing weight, providing improved maneuverability and speed in the water.

Awesome Design

No matter when and where, it is the focus of attention

stylish design|sava powered surfboard

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