SAVA DREAM-MAKER officially released

In a world where innovation knows no bounds, the realm of cycling has taken a giant leap forward with the highly anticipated launch of the SAVA Dream Maker Bike. This masterpiece of engineering and design is not just a bike; it's a revolution in motion. Imagine a bicycle that transcends the ordinary, fusing cutting-edge technology, meticulous craftsmanship, and a passion for cycling into an unparalleled riding experience. Join us as we unveil the future of cycling and introduce you to the extraordinary SAVA Dream Maker Bike.

At the 2023 China International Bicycle Show, SAVA launched the double-layer handlebar aerodynamic road bike "Dream Maker". With its solid product landing ability, it transformed the difficult concept bicycle model into a finished product and launched it on the market

Dream Maker

The initial design of "Dream Maker" comes from INCOLOR, China's top bicycle industrial design and creative company. As early as 2021, INCOLOR began to use 3D printing technology to innovate the design of bicycle products and create the prototype of "Dream Maker". But how to make it excellent, The innovative conceptual design has been turned into a stable and reliable mass-produced model. This is SAVA's long-standing understanding and persistence in the bicycle market.

sava dream maker design

Dedicating the best to consumers is also the consensus reached by the SAVA engineer team and the INCOLOR designer team. The two parties reconstructed the original design and proposed optimization goals and implementation plans:

1) Reduce the unnecessary design elements of the original ID design, and better fit the new SAVA brand image

2) Improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the frame group and further optimize the aerodynamic data

3) Optimize the production process of the frame and improve the efficiency of product landing

SAVA dream maker bike orign design

After 71 days, the two sides optimized the appearance and structure of the 3D printed prototype, until the mold was opened and the prototype was tested. This highly innovative aerodynamic road bike that conforms to the public's aesthetics and comfortable geometry has landed!

SAVA Dream Maker bikes
"Dream Maker" product features:

1. Extreme aerodynamics

The double-layer handlebar structure breaks through the barriers of the traditional road bike handlebar configuration. While obtaining sufficient grip height, it also has an ultra-low head tube height and frontal projected area, which reduces wind resistance.

The whole vehicle has been verified by a large number of CFD data models and compared horizontally. The tube design can obtain better aerodynamic data while ensuring rigidity.
aero handlebar
2.extremely rigid

The double-layer bent bar structure improves the strength and rigidity of the front fork-handlebar assembly. The bottom bracket adopts the T47 center shaft structure, and the streamlined and thick bottom bracket structure design achieves higher aerodynamic effect and rigidity.
sava dream maker crankset
3. Rational Geometry

While gaining aerodynamic advantages, it also fully combines ergonomic geometric settings to make riding faster and more comfortable
T1000 dream maker frame
4. Appearance and justice

From large and complete to refined and detailed, SAVA has made the vehicle design beautiful and elegant in exploring new appearance forms, with contours and shape curves echoing back and forth.
Dream maker full integrated handlebar
5. Process management

The EPS inner film is integrally formed to optimize the laminate structure, while ensuring rigidity and strength, better weight data is also obtained.

6. Strict testing

The finished product has passed 100,000 fatigue tests + industry-leading impact test and rigidity test, and delivered to professional drivers to participate in the later upgrade and improvement plan.

The first batch of "Dream Makers" launched on the market are all equipped with Shimano electronic shifting kits. In terms of future product planning, "Dream Maker" will also launch an electric power-assisted version and a mechanical variable speed version to fully meet the needs of the market.

The SAVA Dream Maker Bike is more than a mode of transportation; it's a symbol of innovation, craftsmanship, and the unwavering spirit of exploration. As we celebrate its official launch, we invite you to join us in experiencing the future of cycling. Embrace the thrill, immerse yourself in cutting-edge technology, and ride towards a horizon of endless possibilities with the sava Dream Maker Bike. Your journey starts now.