Why carbon bikes are more expensive than aluminum alloy bikes?

Why carbon bicycles are hot in the market despite being expensive?

The cost is high. Carbon brazing bicycles are a new type of composite material. Before, they were mostly used in high-end technology fields, such as aviation and navigation. As the manufacturing technology of carbon brazing becomes more and more mature, it is now widely used in the field of bicycles, and the production process of composite materials is cumbersome, so the production cost is high.
The labor cost is high, and carbon brazing has many technological requirements in the production process and needs to be processed many times, which means increasing labor and maintenance costs.
Even the high cost is one aspect of its high price. What kind of advantages does it have? Why are carbon brazed bicycles so popular today?
1. Light weight but high strength
The quality of carbon brazing bicycles is very light, and it can be easily lifted with one hand. Usually, the weight is several kilograms, which is less than one-third of the weight of aluminum alloy bicycles (put a picture). According to incomplete statistics, the world's Lightest carbon brazed bike only 2.7kg

SAVA carbon road bike

2. Good shock absorption effect
The carbon fiber has its own shock absorption effect. This is due to the relationship between its structure and specific modulus. Its tensile resistance and absorption vibration are very good, which increases the comfort during riding.
3. Good fatigue resistance
Carbon brazing composite materials belong to independent fibers combined with resin to form carbon brazing products. When they are impacted, they will continue to decompose the force. Even if some fibers are broken, the impact force will be distributed again after impact, so that the carbon brazing bicycle will be distributed. It will not break when traveling, and aluminum alloy has fatigue properties, and there is no sign before it is damaged, so the safety of carbon brazing during riding has also been verified.
4 Good shape
Because of the resin additives, carbon fiber composite materials have good performance during processing, and can be molded into various shapes, making the bike look very beautiful. Increased riding speed.

Aluminum is a material with low elastic modulus and rigidity, and its shock absorption effect is not as good as that of carbon brazing.
Because of the use of thick pipes, heat treatment is required, otherwise the strength is not enough

To sum up, the reason why carbon brazed bicycles are more expensive than aluminum alloy bicycles lies in the difference in weight, shock absorption effect, fatigue resistance, and moldability, while carbon brazed bicycles are superior to aluminum alloy bicycles in this respect, so this is The reason why more people are willing to choose more expensive carbon brazed bicycles instead of aluminum alloy bicycles.

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