Which bike is worth buying titanium vs carbon bike?

The advantage of titanium bike vs carbon fiber bike
At present, there are steel bicycles, titanium alloy bicycles, aluminum alloy bicycles, magnesium alloy bicycles, and carbon-brazing bicycles on the market. With the iterative update of technology, carbon-brazing bicycles have become the mainstream. Although the price may be more expensive, its advantages are also more prominent
So, which one is worth buying, titanium bicycle or carbon brazed bicycle? First of all, look at the budget range of the riders. If the budget is less than 1,000 US dollars, choose titanium bicycles or aluminum alloy bicycles, because their prices are relatively common. The price of SAVA titanium bicycles is only a few hundred US dollars. In the above words, I recommend choosing carbon brazing, because the advantages of carbon brazing bicycles are also very obvious, so what are the advantages of each of them?
First of all, let's look at the advantages of titanium alloy bicycles?
Titanium alloy is a high-performance material used in aerospace products. It has excellent metal material properties. It is currently internationally recognized as the most advanced and ideal material for the production of high-end bicycles for various competitions and leisure use. The outstanding features of titanium alloys are light weight, high strength, good elasticity, good impact resistance, good fatigue performance, corrosion resistance and never rust. Bicycles, especially racing cars, require light weight, good stiffness and good impact performance. Light weight can increase speed and reduce physical consumption during long-distance exercise; bicycle frame with good stiffness is conducive to the conversion of driving force and improve handling performance; bicycle frame with good shock absorption can better slow down the impact from the road. shocks, thereby reducing driver fatigue.
(1) A lightweight and strong bicycle frame can be made, and the strength of pure titanium is higher. Adding aluminum and vanadium to titanium, which is more elastic (compared to aluminum), also benefits the design.

(2) No rust, titanium alloy not only weighs only 50% of steel, but also has a strength-to-weight ratio 28.4% higher than that of chrome-molybdenum steel. The fatigue limit of titanium alloy is twice that of steel
(3) Titanium is also used in the spring of the shock absorber. Bicycle frames made of titanium are now suitable for long rides.

titanium vs carbon bike

So what are the disadvantages of titanium alloy bicycles?
Prices are high. Titanium exists in the form of titanium dioxide in nature. The refining and processing process is complicated, the technical requirements are high, and the time and cost are high. In addition, the welding process is extremely difficult, because the affinity of titanium and oxygen is very strong, and it will become titanium dioxide immediately after contact with air, and titanium dioxide is hard and brittle, and the strength of this part will continue to decline. So solder carefully with inert gas.
The weld is obvious and the appearance is not beautiful

The characteristics of carbon fiber bicycle frames are "light, non-bending, and good shock absorption", but by giving full play to the excellent performance of carbon fiber, the lightest bicycle can be achieved

Carbon brazing has high strength and strong corrosion resistance, and its firmness is no less than that of titanium.

Carbon fiber is a thing formed by solidifying carbon fiber with resin. It is very light, but it is a directional material. It has strong tensile strength and strong plasticity. It is easy to make various bicycle frames. It is easy to design and is formed in one piece, which can be very beautiful.

The carbon fiber has a shock-absorbing effect, and has good resistance during the riding process, making the riding very stable

titanium vs carbon bike

Whether it is a titanium alloy bicycle or a carbon brazing bicycle, there are many advantages, mainly depends on how you choose