SAVA fueled-power surfboard manual












  • preface

2、The user instructions

3、 product parameters

4、Operational security guidelines

5、Matters needing attention

6、Power board parts name and icon

a、Engine components

b、muffler components

c、fuel tank components

d、spray pump components

e、control handle components

f、Basic operation steps

g、Common faults and troubleshooting methods

h、after-sales service

i、warranty card




FLT powered surfboard, easy to use and easy to operate. It has a built-in 8kW two-stroke water cooled engine, which is full of power, noise and pollution. This surfboard is easy to carry, the acceleration performance is superior, the control is comfortable, the dynamic is strong, the appearance design of the novel, the line that is beautiful and round, permeates the breath of the youth time, more the glamour of the perturbed person.

The manual introduces the basic operation and repairing method. Please read it carefully. The right usage, maintenance and repairment can reduce the failures of the surfboard and keep its best performance.


2、User Notice


  • We offer you the 12months warranty for the YFS110. Within the warranty period counting from your purchasing date, we will supply the related parts free as long as in normal use the failure belongs to the manufacture processing problem or the material problem.





Product Specifications






Jet board


Overall length



Overall width



Overall hight


150(out of fin)


Net weight



Jet Pump Type


Axial flow,single stage


Min. water depth



Max. Person


1 person


Max. capacity



Max speed



Fuel capacity






Two-stroke water-cooled





Bore× Stroke



Max power



Idling speed



Fuel mixing ratio



Ignition form


DC digital ignition



Lithium battery Group

integrated in the ECU



Spark plug model




Packing size




Safety Notice

  •  who suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, infection, muscle paralysis, osteoporosis, or psychiatric disease and other diseases affecting the safety of embarkation and pregnant women and serious seasick, please don't take a boat, hiding the above situation, sea accidents, the consequence is proud.
  • The power surfboard is only suitable for healthy adults, driving, minors and people over 60 years of age. If a minor needs to drive the experience must be driven by a professional coach.
  • The drinker is prohibited from driving motorboats;
  • Beginners should be guided by professionals;
  • Before boarding the boat, you must wear a life jacket and helmet;
  • When boarding the boat, fasten the switch insurance rope to the wrist, in case the body throws off the body, the motor boat will automatically shutdown.
  • When you're driving, you should take the right to avoid making a sharp turn to avoid a collision.
  • The motor boat power surfboard is driven by the jet of water to push forward and control the direction, so when the motorboat power surfboard is on the shore, it should slow down slowly instead of fast stop. If the fire is out, the direction will not be controlled, and the inertia will make the surfboat go straight to the shore.
  • Don't stray too far from the coast in the driving process.
  • The motor boat power surfboard is forbidden to go to the beach. When you need to go to the beach, you should open the safety key after the water depth of 90CM.
  •  It is strictly forbidden to drive in the water of the water and refuse, and to start the engine in the vicinity of anyone swimming;
  • On a surfing boat, legs and feet are prohibited;
  • When the weather is not suitable for sailing, such as the rain or above, lightning, fog, wind, etc., you must come ashore in time


emergency handling:

  • if there is A fault in the sea, such as sudden flameout, no fire, etc., we should immediately call for help on shore and wait for rescue.
  • ;you should be calm and calm when being dropped off the surfboard during use. If you are far away from the water, you should not swim after the motor boat. Immediately call for help, and blow the lifeguard whistle on the life vest to wait for rescue.
  • after accidentally turning over, the surfboard can be turned over quickly, such as near the shore, immediately to use call for help, waiting for rescue; It is forbidden to fire again, and the motor boat must be dragged back to shore for maintenance



Using the matters needing attention

Dear owners, thanks for your choosing our jet powered surfboard. The following is some notice and wish you can read it carefully, which is helpful for you to play the surfboard

  • After you receive the product, please open the package to check whether all the followed items are in the box







use manual


spark plug


Lateral fins, caudal fins




  • Check whether the intake hose is crushed and broken.
  • Check whether the handle throttles smoothly, and whether the protection switch plugs and pulls smoothly.
  • Check whether the install bolts of the handles got loose;
  • Check whether the jet impeller is wrapped by foreign matter, whether the cooling pipe is connected to the spray pump firmly and if there is any breakage.
  • Open the engine cover and take the five bags of desiccant out;

1.Check the connection of air in/out and the oil and water pipe and make sure they’re connected well;

2.Check whether the electrical circuit is short or open, and the connector is loose or falling off.

3.Check whether the spark plug cap is firmly connected.

4.After the check, if all the items are complete, power connector and screws are connected  well, charge the battery

  • Close the engine cover and make sure the installation is correct.
  • fuel ratio. (no. 95 + total synthesis two-stroke gasoline engine oil) period. Seating time 30-50 hours later. Can be used gradually control spake;  
  • Please check the hoops of the oil pipe, cooling water pipe are close, make sure that no water can leak into or out. Avoid serious injury or death from fire or explosion resulting from leaking fuel; Gasoline vapors may cause fires or explosions; Inspect system for leaks frequently; Do not overfill fuel tank; Keep the surfboard away from open flames and sparks; Do not start surfboard if liquid gasoline or vapors are present.
  • Before playing, need to install the fins.
  • Please make sure the minimum level for jet pump operation in water:50CM(90cm in sea ).To avoid to suck the stones ,water plants and other impurities into the water inlet port, resulting in the damage of the impeller and jet shell; avoid the sand to block the cooling water inlet port to damage the engine and muffle
  • Close the hatch cover and start up the motor, run in low speed for 2-5 minutes to make sure and oil and cooling water in place and then you can use it. (The muffler is water cooling type, you should run it in water)


  • Prohibit to make the air inlet rubber nose submerged during the surfing. So as to avoid excessive water into the cabin to damage the engine and the original circuits
  • If water into the engine cylinder during the surfing, do not start the engine frequently before the water is drained
  • After riding your board in salt water, wash it with freshwater including the inner space and engine.



Jet Powered Surfboard Parts Name & Icons

Before you play the surfboard, please read carefully the attentions and safety notice mentioned above and comply with them. If you find the product is damaged during transportation once you open the packing box, please contact your dealer at once. Besides of the operation notes, you also need comply with your local laws and regulations.


Engine assembly

1, the wear life jackets and other protective equipment

2, beginners need to carefully read the manual or instruction by professionals rear can use

3, young, old, such as coronary heart disease, heart disease, high blood pressure patients should not be driving

1, confirm the depth of the water, and at the bottom of the plate body vertical distance 50 cm

2, it is strictly prohibited in the weeds and other miscellaneous stone shallow water use

3, it is strictly prohibited in use process, too close to the object

4, when using, please ensure the safe distance, to avoid a collision

5, in the process of driving, do not too far away from the shore

6, such as smoke, speed suddenly drops, please stop using it. Power check

7, in case of fishing nets, weeds and other objects around the impeller, please stop using. Power maintenance,







Engine maintenance Attention

  1. Strictly according to the proportion of 30 to 1 against the oil (1 liter gasoline / 30 ml of oil). Mix the oil run out in the day, metamorphic redness of mixed oil cannot be used. (it is forbidden to use pure gasoline)
  1. New machine cannot be used in high speed, low speed running in 3 hours, please (equivalent to 2 tanks)
  1. Want to let the machine longer life, using every half hour to rest for 10 minutes.
  1. The machine vibration is unusual, please stop the machine immediately to check, if damaged, loose, eccentric.
  1. Every work 50 hours cleaning the spark plug, muffler carbon deposition
  1. regular inspection on carburetor, cleaning and maintenance, suggested that experienced professional maintenance personnel, avoid by all means to disorderly disorderly adjustment.

before delivery carburetor high speed, low oil oil needle have been debugging is in order and do not adjust, lest cause failure (oil, smoke, poor drainage, etc.).

carburetor cleaning, ought to use clean gasoline or special detergent soak, cleaning, and compressed air to blow dry orifice and other parts.


If the engine is well maintained, it can be used for a long time.















Muffler modul



Fuel Tank Module



1.the fuel tank surface swab with cotton, or other fluff, cloth clean is better. is strictly prohibited and solid impurity into the oil outlet in oil tank, in order to avoid congestion

3.refueling is completed, should tighten the cap immediately is strictly prohibited to fuel tank and its near the fire.

5.during the outage, deal with full tank cleaning and inspection.


Jet Pump Module


  • The jet pump kit is made of high-strength plastic. Please pay attention to the stones, weeds of the shore when using. Otherwise it maybe leads to the damage of impeller and module.


The Control Handle



  • Does start the engine, insert boot key, ignition timing for 5 s, such as the engine does not start, should stop ignition, 10 s rear can start again.



七、Basic operation steps

For your own safety, do not practice your powered surf too far from shore unless you are very proficient at handling it.

  1. To install the tail fin and side fin, first install the tail fin with a hexagon socket tool (see Figure 1), pay attention to check whether the cooling water pipe and the propeller are installed in place (Note: When sliding the surfboard, if the cooling hose is not installed, the temperature will be too high. cause serious damage to the engine and exhaust pipe), then forcefully snap the two side fins into the corresponding slots in the ship's plate (see Figure 2).


                           1                                                                                   2

  1. Check whether the power supply and fuel (see Figure 4 for opening the fuel tank cap) are sufficient, and check whether the accessories and screws of the surfboard are properly installed.


                   3                                                          4


  1. Unplug the oil inlet pipe of the carburetor (see Figure 5), squeeze the hand pump (see Figure 6), and drain the air in the oil pipe.


                5                                                               6


  1. Put the starting key on your hand and fasten the hand strap (see Figure 7). The starting key is hung on the armrest of the ship board (see Figure 8).


                    7                                                         8

  1. Turn on the black power supply as shown in Figure 9 (the power supply is disconnected when leaving the factory, as shown in Figure 10), insert the start key (as shown in Figure 11, note: the pumping motor starts to work at this time), the indicator lights on the handle are red and green at the same time. The control system is normal. When we are not in use, pull out the start key (picture 7), so that the controller disconnects all power.


                9                                                         10


           11                                           12 Cooling drain   water pump drain


  1. Toggle the choke handle (see Figure 13) to close the carburetor choke (see Figure 14). Press the handlebar start button (the red button in Figure 11), immediately press the throttle control trigger (refueling the engine), the engine will start, after the engine runs for 5 seconds, open the choke valve, release the throttle control trigger, the engine will run at idle speed ; If the startup is unsuccessful, repeat the above steps, and try again at most 3 times, and then wait a few minutes to see the situation.

           13The choke door is open             14The choke valve is closed

If the engine fails to start after 3 attempts, it is likely that water has entered the engine (except for the first use of the engine), and the engine needs to be cleaned at this time; the steps to clean the engine are as follows:


          15                                    16                                     17

Remove the spark plug cap (see Figure 15), and use a No. 17 wrench to remove the spark plug clockwise (see Figure 16);

  • Check the spark plug, if oil or water soaks the spark plug, shake off the oil and water on the spark plug, and then dry the spark plug;
  • If there is a lot of oil and water in the cylinder, we need to lower the surfboard body to the direction of the cylinder and tilt it by 45 degrees, and start the engine 2-3 times to let the oil and water drain out.;
  • Install the spark plug into the high pressure cap, let the spark plug touch the engine (see Figure 17), press the start button, and check whether the spark plug has sparks and the strength of the sparks. If there is no spark, check or replace the sensor and igniter。
  • Install the wiped spark plug on the engine cylinder head;
  • If it still fails to start successfully, please refer to the (Common Troubleshooting and Troubleshooting) chapter page。

  • The starter key should have been pulled out when we went ashore to rest. When resting for more than 10 minutes, the engine must be started before entering the water again to ensure that the engine can be started normally. If the startup is unsuccessful, repeat step 4. NOTE: Longer start intervals avoid unnecessary battery drain or damage to the starter motor.
  • The throttle control trigger controls the speed of the powered surfboard, please accelerate and decelerate the throttle evenly. When the throttle control trigger is released, it automatically springs back to idle.
  • Surfers should wear the start key on the wrist holding the control handle. The advantage of this is that if the surfer falls off the powered surfboard or moves away from the control handle, the starter key is removed from the control handle and the engine stops immediately. To prevent accidental activation, remove the starter key from the control handle when the powered surfboard is not in use.
  • Install the surfboard cover and run the engine at medium speed in the water for the first time. Use it for 10-20 minutes to let the engine run in at medium speed and use it at high speed when it reaches the best state.
  • Complete the following tasks immediately after each surf作Immediately after each riding:

Hold the surfboard up to the shore and stand upside down. Keep the intake hose down and wait until the rest of the water from the inside of the board drains out.

Put the surfboard on the stand. Start engine, 3~4 seconds, and wait until the rest of the water from the exhaust pipe drains out.

After riding your board in salt water, wash it with freshwater including the inner space and engine, and then let the engine run for about 5 seconds. Let the inner space dry out. 

Spray the whole engine thoroughly with WD-40 oil. Start engine again for 1~2 seconds before injecting proper amount WD-40 oil into carburetor inlet, to prevent internal parts from rusting.




 10.For a surfboard that has just been used, do not close the surfboard compartment cover tightly. Water vapor can cause permanent damage to the engine and electronics.

11.If you do not use it for more than 2 days, please cut off the power supply to prolong the battery life.

12.Always make sure the fuel tank is empty before transporting the engine.



    Surfboard launching skills:
    Shoal launch: Put the surfboard in water with a depth of more than 50cm, stand next to the surfboard, place one knee on the surfboard, and hold the hull handle. Insert the start key with the other hand, when the engine starts, give the proper accelerator according to your own weight, and the operator can slide on the board only when the surfboard has enough power.
    Deep Water Boarding: You should practice in shallow water before going to deep water. When you fall in deep water or suddenly the engine stops, don't get back on the surfboard right away. Float on both sides of the surfboard, hold the handle, insert the start key, and the operator can climb onto the surfboard when the surfboard has enough power after the engine is started (re-boarding the surfboard as quickly as possible, which is beneficial Keep the inside of the surfboard hull dry). Note; When we start 2-3 times in water and can't start successfully, please stop starting the engine to avoid damage to the starter motor and other parts. At this time, the engine may have entered the water, and we need to go ashore for drainage treatment before we can continue to use the surfboard normally.
    important hint!
    After you are familiar with the direction and the accelerator, adjust the center of gravity according to the posture of the surfboard when you use the surfboard. The center of gravity moves forward. On the contrary, when your center of gravity is forward, the contact area between the bottom of the surfboard and the water is larger, and the resistance increases during sliding, and the speed of the surfboard cannot reach the optimum state.

    8、Common faults and troubleshooting methods

    Engine failure and the elimination method

    Failure part

    Failure appearance



    Fuel supply system (when the compression

    spark plug are normal)

    It’s difficult to start up motor or can’t start up the motor.

    1、 The tank ventilated hole is blocked

    1、 Dredge the blocked place.

    2、Clean the oil tank and replace the fuel oil.  

    2、The fuel filter core is blocked

    3、The fuel is contaminated

    The idling is bad, difficult to accelerate starting up, with blasting.

    1.The Carburettor is blocked.

    1、Clean the Carburetor.

    2、The mixing proportion is not correct.

    2、Adjust the needle of the mixing proportion.

    3、The air throttle (oil throttle) is worn.

    3、 Replace Carburetor.

    Ignition system

    The spark is weak or without spark.

    1.The spark plug has accumulated carbon or dirts.

    1.Clean the accumulated carbon and dirts.

    2、The gap between the spark plugs is incorrect.

    2、 Adjust the gap to 0.6-0.7

    3.Hall start-up failure

    3、Replace Hall start-up device

    4、The controller battery is weak.

    4、 Please charge it in time.

    Cylinder body/ Cylinder cover

    Low pressure, difficult start-up or bad operation or low 

    power speed.

    1、The piston ring of the cylinder is damaged.   

    1、Change the cylinder body、Replace the piston ring..

    2、Too much accumulated carbons piles in the piston of cylinder


    3、Clean accumulated carbons.

    Big noise

    1、  The crank is worn.

    1、 Replace the crank.

    2、The cylinder piston is damaged.

    2、Replace the cylinder piston.

    Crankshaft/  crankcase

    3、The piston pin and Piston pin hole are worn.

    3、Replace the piston and piston pin.

    4.The small end bearing of the crank is worn.

    4、  Replace the bearing.

    5、The main shaft of the crank and the bearing are worn.

    5、 Replace the bearing.





    Electric start-up system

    Start up the motor and the motor runs slowly.

    1、 Insufficient battery power.

    1、Charge the battery.

    2、The connection of start-up motor wire isn’t smooth.

    2、Reconnect it.

    3、Start-up motor failure.

    3、Repair/Replace the motor.


    Start up the motor but the motor can’t rotate.

    1、Start up the motor but it reverses.

    1、Repair the wiring column.

    2、One-way clutch failure

    2、Repair or replace it.

    3、Transmission mechanism failure.

    3、Repair or replace it.

    4、The connection of the wiring column is incorrect.

    4、 Repair the wiring column.



    Common Failures & Solutions

    Failure parts

    Failure appearance



     Exhaust System

    Too much Noise

    1、  The inner core of muffler is broken.


    2、The muffler has perforated


    Adverse exhaust

    1、The muffler is blocked.


    The muffler is heating to crack.

    1、The cooling water system is blocked.


    2、 The one-way valve is damaged.



    9、After-Sales Service


    If you meet with any question during using the product, please contact the local dealer or contact us.


    When you respond the failure, please tell us your name, address, contact telephone and product model, detailed description about the failure, we will serve you ASAP.

    1. Warranty card: Please take good care of your warranty card and purchasing invoice; when you need c
    1. When the product meets with failure within the warranty period, pls contact the local dealer or us. If you still can’t solve the probonsult or repair, please contact the local dealer or contact us. lem according to the manual instructions as mentioned above.
    1. If the time exceeds the warranty period and you need the repairment, please contact the local dealer or contact us for repairing, and we need charge a certain fees.
    1. Beyond Warranty Range:
    • Consumables such as spark plugs and motors are no longer covered by the warranty
    • Damage caused by human factors such as unauthorized modification, arrangement of non-original parts or non-use as required will not be covered by warranty
    • Not adding lubricant to gasoline as required or using inferior lubricant will result in no warranty for the engine.
    • Wear and tear caused by illegal operation, damage caused by accident, damage caused by inhalation of foreign objects is not covered by warranty
    1. Special Declaration
    • We must reserve the rights to change the content of the manual without the prior notification
    • If its appearance and specifications have modification, please refer to the real product.
    • Although the manual has been proofread, it still maybe exists the printing errors or misunderstanding in content, our company reserves the right of final explanation.


    10、Warranty Card


    Product name

    Jet Powered surfboard

    Product Model




















    Shop name






    Purchasing date

    Month / Day / Year