What is the level of SAVA T800 carbon fiber frame?

Carbon fiber material is a new type of material that has emerged in recent years. Because of its excellent physical properties, it is widely used in military, aerospace, aviation and other fields. With the continuous innovation of carbon fiber technology and the continuous reduction of carbon fiber costs, carbon fiber materials are gradually used in people's daily life,In the field of bicycles, the advantages of carbon fiber frame, handlebars and other main structural components are very obvious. They are light in weight, high in strength, strong in rigidity and high in plasticity. They are ideal materials for manufacturing advanced sports bicycle parts, and SAVA uses It is T 800 carbon brazing dimension imported from Japan, so what kind of grade is T800?

Carbon fiber is divided into T grade and M grade. T-level pursues strength, M-level pursues toughness,The highest level of T-level is now T1000, and the highest level of M-level is MJ60. M-level is more difficult to produce than T-level, so T800 is at a high-level level

SAVA bicycle frame is made of T800 grade carbon brazing, which has high strength and hardness. For this reason, we also did some strength tests

Why choose our carbon fiber bikes?

1.The cheap price

SAVA carbon bicycles use high configuration and high-quality combination kits to meet the riding requirements of cyclists. At present, in order to promote the brand to the world, we have kept the price at the lowest price.

Comparing the same brand bicycles with similar configuration(Data from 99spokes) our price is the most favorable

2.high-end configuration

SAVA carbon bikes use a T800 carbon brazed frame that provides the strength and durability of the bike
SHIMANO Shifting Combo Kits Satisfy Riders' Speed Mastery
Wind tunnel design reduces wind resistance and improves the overall riding speed of the bike from external conditions
Novel and unique style, rich in design sense, in line with the aesthetic needs of the public, including carbon brazed road bikes, carbon brazed gravel road bikes, carbon brazed mountain bikes, carbon brazed folding bikes, and carbon brazed electric bikes

3.95% assembled,Our bicycles are strictly produced, assembled and debugged before delivery, which is not difficult for bicycle beginners

4.Efficient customer service, providing 2-year warranty on bicycle frame and 6-month warranty on replacement parts, is a brand worthy of confidence and trust

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