Unbeatable Cost-Efficiency: Why Sava EX7 is the King

In February 2024, SAVA launched a series of new bicycle models, SAVA EX7 series, AK105 series, C7 series, F20 series, new designs and creative coatings, which attracted widespread attention from bicycle enthusiasts and faced strong competition. In the rival market, SAVA has launched a cost-effective bicycle, SAVA EX7, also called Explorer. In modern urban life, people are eager to stay away from the hustle and bustle and explore the beauty of nature. Cycling has become a popular way to bring people to picturesque places and feel the tranquility and beauty of nature. Today, we are going to introduce a bicycle designed for adventure-SAVA EX7, which will become the best companion for your exploration journey.

SAVA's mission is to make affordable high-end bicycles accessible to all cyclists. SAVA has always adhered to this mission and developed a series of affordable carbon fiber bicycles.

So, why is SAVA EX7 so popular?

High-End Craftsmanship:

a. Exquisite Paintwork: The use of bold primary colors, strategically placed at the frame's edges, enhances the visual perception of structural transitions. The prominent lower tube logo further amplifies the overall visual impact, complementing the primary color scheme.
b. Advanced Aluminum Welding Technique: The frame's seamless integration and smooth welding techniques contribute to its sleek appearance and structural integrity.
c. Integrated Aerodynamic Handlebar: The integrated handlebar design optimizes aerodynamics for enhanced performance.
d. Premium Carbon Fiber Fork: The high-quality carbon fiber fork ensures precise handling and vibration dampening for a smoother ride.
e. Embedded Smart Tail Light: The integrated design of the seat post with a smart tail light adds functionality and safety to the bike.

Impressive Configuration:

Equipped with a Shimano 105 groupset, renowned for its reliability and performance.
Features hydraulic disc brakes for responsive stopping power.
UCI certification ensures compliance with professional racing standards.

 View the detailed configuration table from here:EX7 Pro specifications

King of cost performance

Remarkably priced at just $1199 when shipped from China, offering exceptional value compared to competitors with similar Shimano 105 configurations.

Compare SAVA EX7 Pro Endurace 8 Disc
Price $1199 $1799
Frame Aluminium frame Aluminium frame
Fork Carbon fiber  Aluminium 
Seatpost Aluminium Aluminium
Transmission system Shimano 105 grouspet Shimano 105 groupset
Handlebar Aluminium handlebar,full integrated,aerodynamic handlebar Rund handlebar,No integrated
Wheels Aluminium Aluminium
Tyre clearance 28C 35C
Brake Cable pull hydraulic disc brake Cable pull hydraulic disc brake

The SAVA EX7 stands out in the market for its premium craftsmanship, top-tier components, and competitive pricing, making it an attractive option for cyclists seeking high performance at a reasonable cost.


 User experience and reputation:

Cycling enthusiasts have already experienced the excellent performance of the SAVA EX7 in exploration and have spoken highly of it.

They all praised its lightness, stability and excellent performance and considered it a truly trustworthy bicycle.

In summary, the SAVA EX7 represents the pinnacle of excellence in cycling, turning heads with its impeccable craftsmanship, cutting-edge features and exceptional affordability. From the thoughtfully designed frame to the high-performance components, this bike embodies the fusion of art and engineering. And there are almost no rivals in the price field. There is no doubt that it is the king of cost performance.