Tour of Poyang Lake-S6

China Sports Lottery·Sava Cup" The 11th Tour of Poyang Lake-S6 Hukou-Jiujiang

The 11th Tour of Poyang Lake International Cycling Race Held in Hukou County on September 14th.More than 200 athletes from all over the world participated
The competition route passes through the Yangtze River Poyang Lake Aquatic Life Protection Base in Jiangsu Bay (Hukou), Nanbei Port Dam, Chengshan Town, Shunde Township Wangsui Village, Liusu Highway, Liufang Township Wangshuxia Village, Chengshan Town, Nanbei Port Dam, China· Jiangdu Bay (Hukou) Yangtze River Poyang Lake Aquatic Life Protection Base (the total distance is about 115 kilometers).

 Jiujiang Hukou Station

Athletes are ready

Set off

Rain makes the competition more intense

Look for opportunities to outdo each other

Overtaking on a curve

Rain increases resistance uphill

SAVA team catches up

sprint champion

The champion, runner-up, and third runner-up of this stage

 It rained and the road was muddy, splattered with mud

Although the race encountered rain, the racers' enthusiasm remained intact and they tried their best to complete their results. Congratulations to the racers in this stage.