Tour of Poyang Lake-S5

China Sports Lottery·Sava Cup" The 11th Tour of Poyang Lake-S5 Wanli-Nanchang 

Since September 8, this competition has held four competitions in Sanqing Mountain in Shangrao, Fuliang in Jingdezhen, Longhu Mountain in Yingtan, and Zixi in Fuzhou. Nanchang Wanli Station is the last event of the International Cycling Union Asian Tour (Level 2.2). This station starts from Bamianshan Road in Wanli and passes through Xiaoshi Street, Zhaoxian Avenue, Cuiyan Road, Hongya Road, etc., team members They encountered heavy rain during the Taiping Ancient Town stage, which made the competition more intense.

rain race scene

Live aerial photography

Racers get ready

small ramp


Racers competing

Racers competing

final sprint

In the end, after 107.9 kilometers of hard work, the top three individuals in this station were: Stan Appel (ABLOC CT Team of the Netherlands); Kane Stephen Richard (ARA Team of Australia); Taylor Jay. Tomkinson ARA (Australian ARA Racing Team). The total personal results are: (blue championship jersey) Lu Xianjing (China Huaxing Intercontinental Team); sprint king: (orange championship jersey) Julian Lionel Roger Trarieux (China Huaxing Intercontinental Team); mountain climbing Wang: (polka dot championship jersey) James Piccoli (China Huaxing Intercontinental Team).

So far, the first five stages of the International Cycling Union Asian Tour, the team championship, second and third place are: China Huaxing Intercontinental Team, Poland MSP Team, Indonesia Nusantara Professional Team. Lu Xianjing of the China Huaxing Intercontinental Team, relying on his excellent performance in the first five races, can obtain 51 points for the Paris Olympics if there are no accidents.

In addition, on September 14, the 11th Tour of Poyang Lake International Cycling Race will be held in Hukou, Jiujiang. It will be held at Jiujiang Hukou Station, Yichun Tonggu Station (September 15), and Pingxiang Wugong Mountain Station ( September 16), Xinyu Fairy Lake (September 17), Ji'an Suichuan Station (September 18), Ganzhou Shangyou Station (September 19) will continue.