Tour of Poyang Lake-S4

China Sports Lottery·Sava Cup" The 11th Tour of Poyang Lake-S4 Fuzhou Zixi

The 11th Tour of Poyang Lake International Cycling Competition "Zixi Bread" Fuzhou·Zixi Station has started in full swing. This event is hosted by the Jiangxi Provincial Government and hosted by the Chinese Cycling Association, Jiangxi Provincial Sports Bureau, Fuzhou Municipal People's Government and Zixi County People's Government. More than 240 athletes from home and abroad gathered in Pure Zixi to embark on a "chasing the wind" journey on the 108.5-kilometer bicycle track.

competition center

Cute children's bicycle team show

The players are ready to go

live aviation

Players compete fiercely

Players compete fiercely

Players show off their skills in the competition

climb hard

Prepare to sprint

Kane Stephen Richard of Australia's ARA team won the championship