Tour of Poyang Lake-S2

China Sports Lottery·Sava Cup" The 11th Tour of Poyang Lake-S2 Jingdezhen Fuliang

The 2023 "China Sports Lottery Sava Cup" 11th Poyang Lake International Cycling Competition "Gaoling China Village" (Jingdezhen Fuliang Station) was held on September 9 in Gaoling China Village, Fuliang County.

1. Event time: 9:00-12:00 on September 9, 2023 (competition)

2. Opening Ceremony Location: Gaoling·China Village

3. Activity route: Gaoling·China Village Visitor Center (starting point)—Gaoling·China Village Chief Academy—Jingyao Line—Yaoli Meiling (Section from Ehu to Yaoli)—Gaoling·China Village Tourists center(end)
4. Race mileage: 111.5KM

5. Awarding (closing) ceremony location: Gaoling·China Village

6. Award settings: Top three individuals, overall score leader award, sprint leader award, mountain climbing king leader award, young athlete leader award, Greater China leader award

On-site SAVA supply point

The players are ready to go

The players began to compete fiercely

Live aerial photography

mobile camera

The contestants refused to give in and stepped hard

Beautiful scenes and tracks

The contestants are all chasing closely

The competitor at the front

SAVA supply convoy


Easy climb

final destination section

final destination section

final destination section

Mongolian athlete wins stage championship