The 11th China Sports Lottery SAVA Cup

The 11th Tour of Po is authorized by the International Cycling Union and hosted by the Jiangxi Provincial People's Government. The 11th Tour of Poyang Lake International Cycling Race lasted 12 days, including 11 race days and 1 rest day; the total race distance and transition distance was 2,941 kilometers. It is the international competition with the most domestic race stations and the longest mileage in 2023. Road cycling race. The setting of the track strictly follows the technical standards of the UCI professional competition, and has a comprehensive and scientific design in terms of specific rules, route design, team structure, etc.
The total mileage of this Tour of Po is 2,941 kilometers, of which the race distance is 1,101 kilometers and the transfer distance is 1,840 kilometers. A total of 24 sprint points and 19 climbing points are set up in the 11 race stations. This Tour of Po is the first time since the event was founded that it has joined the UCI Asia Tour sequence (UCI2.2 level) and the Paris Olympics points competition. The Chinese National Road Cycling Team has formed a team to compete and win points for the Paris Olympics. This also marks the The Tour de Po has become one of the well-known professional cycling events in China and even Asia.
This competition also highlights the brand effect of "Jiangxi's unique scenery" in the setting of the competition station, integrating the competition site with "Hero City of the World, Lushan Mountain, World Show of Sanqing, Dragon and Tiger World, Fairy Land, Hometown of Ceramics" The organic combination of tourist destination brands such as "Red Holy Land, Hakka Cradle, Outdoor Paradise, Health and Wellness Land, and Home of Talents" can not only allow domestic and foreign riders to appreciate the ecological beauty of Ganpo land among the green waters and green mountains, but also feel the history of Jiangxi The profound cultural heritage embodies the competition theme of "riding all over the land of China, Jiangxi has unique scenery"

The eleven sub-race stations are: Shangrao Sanqingshan Station (September 8), Jingdezhen Fuliang Station (September 9), Yingtan Longhushan Station (September 10), Fuzhou Zixi Station (September 11) ), Nanchang Wanli Station (race on September 12th, rest on 13th), Jiujiang Hukou Station (September 14th), Yichun Tonggu Station (September 15th), Pingxiang Wugongshan Station (September 16th), Xinyu Fairy Lake (September 17), Ji'an Suichuan Station (September 18), Ganzhou Shangyou Station (September 19), the first five stops are the International Cycling Union Asian Tour (level 2.2). 
This year's Tour de Po will be held in 11 districts and cities in Jiangxi Province from September 8th to 19th. The 11 competition stations have a total of 24 sprint points and 19 climbing points. There are 24 participating teams, all of which are composed of professional teams. , intercontinental team and national team. 

Cycling enthusiasts and professional athletes alike, mark your calendars for one of the most eagerly anticipated cycling events in China – the 11th China Sports Lottery SAVA Cup: Poyang Lake International Cycling Competition. Held between September 8th and 19th, this event promises to be a convergence of skill, strategy, and the unyielding spirit of cyclists from all over the world. Here's what you need to know:

The Poyang Lake International Cycling Competition has always held a special place in the heart of the global cycling community. Growing from humble beginnings, it has, over a decade, transformed into a platform showcasing top-tier talent and introducing the majestic beauty of Poyang Lake to the world.

Why Poyang Lake?
Poyang Lake, China's largest freshwater lake, offers a perfect backdrop for the competition. The circuit's mix of challenging terrains juxtaposed with the serene beauty of the lake and its surroundings provides both a challenge and an inspiration for the cyclists. As competitors pedal through, they'll be treated to panoramic vistas, a diverse ecosystem, and a chance to experience Jiangxi Province's rich culture and history.

Event Highlights
International Participation: This year, the competition has attracted a record number of international teams. Watch out for intense battles between seasoned cyclists and up-and-coming stars as they vie for the coveted title.

Varied Stages: The competition has been meticulously planned to include a mix of flat stages, mountainous challenges, and time trials. This ensures a diverse showcase of abilities, where strategy will be as crucial as stamina.

Community Engagement: With health and fitness at its core, the event will also host community rides, inviting local residents and tourists to partake in the joy of cycling around the picturesque Poyang Lake.

Eco-conscious Efforts: Keeping in mind the sensitive ecology of Poyang Lake, the organizers have made concerted efforts to make this a green event. From waste management to promoting eco-friendly practices among teams and audiences, the competition is setting standards in sustainable sports event management.

Entertainment Galore: Apart from the races, attendees can look forward to a range of entertainment options. Local artists, cultural showcases, and interactive zones will ensure that there's never a dull moment.

Wrapping Up
The 11th China Sports Lottery SAVA Cup is not just a race; it's a celebration of human endurance, the spirit of competition, and the breathtaking beauty of Poyang Lake. Whether you're a cycling aficionado or someone looking for a unique experience, this competition promises unforgettable memories.