SAVA Cup 2021 Tour of Poyang Lake Cycling

The first stop of the 2021 "Sports Lottery·SAVA Cup" Tour of Poyang Lake Cycling Classic-Shangrao·Yushan-Sanqingshan Station was held on the 10th. More than 400 athletes from across the country participated.

This competition is the first time in the history of the Tour of Po that all domestic teams will participate in the competition. The competition starts on October 10th and ends on December 5th, with 16 sub-stations in the province

The starting point of the first race is at Yushan County Sports Center, and the end point is at Sanqingshan Tourist Plaza. There are 4 groups of men's road elite group, men's mountain elite group, men's mountain master group, and women's mountain elite group. After fierce competition, in the end, Zhou Keqiang of Santic-Attak team won the men's road elite group championship, Shi Wentong of Changsha Shun pointer team won the men's mountain elite group championship, and Chen Xiangyuan of Lingrui Pharmaceutical Team won the men's mountain master group championship. In the women's competition, Gao Yanjiao of Meihe Juruibao Women's Power Team won the women's mountain elite group championship. It is understood that the current Tour of Poyang Lake Cycling Classic will start from October 10th to December 5th. There will be 16 races in Jiangxi Province. The details are: October 10, Shangrao·Yushan-Sanqingshan Station; October 17, Ji’an Suichuan Station; October 23, Nanchang High-tech Zone Station; October 24, Yingtan Longhushan Station; October 30th, Fuzhou Zixi Station; October 31st, Jingdezhen Fuliang Station; November 6th, Jiujiang Wuning Station; November 7th, Jiujiang Gongqingcheng Station; November 13th, Ganzhou Shangyou Station; 11 November 14th, Ganzhou Anyuan Station; November 17th, Pingxiang Wugongshan Station; November 20th, Shangrao Hengfeng Station; November 21st, Yichun Mingyueshan Station; November 27th, Xinyu Fenyi Station; November On the 28th, Xinyu Fairy Lake Station; December 5, Shangrao Yugan Station. The event combines the scenic spots of the Damei Jiangxi Eco-tourism Scenic Spot, which not only connects the Fairy Lake Wetland Park, Poyang Lake, Suichuan, Yugan and other nature reserves, while embodying the ecological and green competition, it also covers flat roads and hills. Stage types such as, Gaoshan, etc., make the game more enjoyable and interesting.

The first race consists of four groups: Men's Highway Elite Group, Mountain Elite Group, Mountain Master Group and Women's Mountain Elite Group. The starting point is at Yushan County Sports Center and the ending point is at Sanqingshan Tourist Plaza. The total distance is 51.2 kilometers. In the end, Zhou Keqiang from Santic-Attack Team won the men’s road elite group championship; Shi Wentong of Changsha Clockwise Racing Team won the men’s mountain elite group championship; Chen Xiangyuan from Lingrui Pharmaceutical Team won the men’s mountain master group championship; in the women’s mountain elite group In the competition, Gao Yanjiao of Meiheju-Ruibao Women's Power Team won.

On October 17, the event will compete in the second leg of Suichuan, Ji’an.