SAVA BEAST carbon fiber mountain bike review

Mountain biking is an adrenaline-pumping, thrill-seeking adventure that requires the best equipment to keep you safe and deliver the best performance on the trails. That is why I decided to give the SAVA BEAST a try, a carbon fiber mountain bike that promises exceptional performance and durability.

From the moment I laid my eyes on the SAVA BEAST, I knew I was in for a unique experience. The design is sleek and modern, with bold lines that give it a fierce look. Its carbon fiber frame is lightweight, but don't let that fool you; it provides excellent rigidity and durability. What's more, the bike comes with a wide range of components that are specifically designed for mountain biking, including a front suspension fork and hydraulic disc brakes.

SAVA BEAST carbon fiber mountain bike review
Go off-road without changing any configuration
shimano cues U6000 11speed
CUES U6000 1x11 groupset
CUES is SHIMANO’s latest mid-range group, launched to integrate the original 9, 10 and 11-speed drive systems (including parts from Alivio, Acera, Altus and Deore) into a unified kit ecosystem. CUES has been completely redesigned to improve compatibility and versatility across the range, using the new LINKGLIDE technology instead of the HYPERGLIDE+ technology used in higher-end road and mountain kits. CUES will dominate entry-level mountain bikes and is arguably Shimano's biggest new product in 2023. So how is the experience and performance of CUES? let's see.
shimano cues shifter lever
Hydraulic disc brake
Front and rear 160mm discs (non-CUES discs)
It can be seen from the model that it uses CUES U6000 1x11 speed, which is a kit suitable for daily sports and trail riding, providing a variety of different combinations. SAVA BEAST uses the BL-MT402 brake handle, which has a slender shape and can support up to 3-finger brakes, which is in line with the habits of beginner drivers, and then transitions to single-finger brakes (move the handle inward). The brake caliper is BR-MT400, dual-piston, single-way oil injection. In addition, U6000 also provides four-piston BR-MT420, which can meet the requirements of trail riding. This set of brakes is still SHIMANO’s traditional soft feel. After running-in, the braking force can only be said to be sufficient, but not strong enough. For aggressive riding styles, four-piston calipers or 180mm discs are required to increase the braking force.
shimano cues shifter levers
The shifter is SL-U6000-11R (single right hand), still based on RAPIDFIRE PLUS shifting technology, providing two-way release function. However, it is obviously not as crisp as the XTR M9100 or XT M8100 shifters, but it gives a very soft feeling, which is in line with the smoother positioning of CUES. M9100 and M8100 allow the driver to perceive gear changes with clear touch and sound feedback. CUES does not have such a clear touch, but it provides a gear display window. Most beginner drivers still have the habit of checking the gear.
shimano cues u6000 rear derailleur
LINKGLIDE tooth profile
LINKGLIDE tooth profile
shimano cues crankset
The rear derailleur is RD-U6000, which supports a maximum of 50T flywheel (1x11 speed). It uses the low-profile design of the shadow rear derailleur, with a clutch locking structure, which can reduce chain vibration after locking. The flywheel is CS-LG400-11 (11-13-15-17-20-23-26-30-36-43-50T), LINKGLIDE tooth shape design, in order to increase durability, change the tooth shape and become thicker , claiming a 3x increase in durability. Nevertheless, the LINKGLIDE cassette can still guide the chain in both directions (this is the same as the HYPERGLIDE+), so it is smooth both in and out. The chain is CN-LG500, which is a 10/11-speed LINKGLIDE chain and is also compatible with HG shifting. The crankset is FC-U6000-1, 9, 10, and 11 speeds are universal, and the 32T disc adopts DYNAMIC CHAIN ENGAGEMENT+ technology to prevent chain drop
The SAVA BEAST mountain bike features a Shimano cues  drive train, which gives you a broad range of gear choices to take on the toughest climbs and descents with ease. The Shimano CUES shifters are smooth and responsive, allowing me to switch gears effortlessly while maintaining my momentum.
sava beast cues u6000
The deepest impression of CUES U6000 shifting on BX is softness and smoothness. Softness is the feeling when you push the shifter, and smoothness is the feeling of the chain "climbing" from one flywheel to another. The use of "climbing" here refers to its smoothness. Although I don't feel that the smoothness has increased by 3 times (declared data), I can feel that the feedback from touch to sound has become softer. At its heart is a new cassette profile and compatible chain, as well as rear derailleur architecture, all based on LINKGLIDE technology.
Strong rear derailleur with clutch lockout switch
Strong rear derailleur with clutch lockout switch
sava beast cues freewheel
shimano cues hub
CUES hub
The difference between CUES U6000 and M9100/M8100 is obvious. In the latter, you can feel the crisp speed change from the moment you press the finger. Relatively speaking, CUES seems to be half a beat slower (continuously pushing the finger will feel slower), so as to In exchange for smoother and more durable shifting, shifting is smooth even when pedaling hard. Another advantage of CUES is that it is very easy to adjust. Maybe the 11-speed has a higher tolerance. You can change the speed precisely by adjusting the length of the shift cable (through the adjustment knob at the rear derailleur). This is very important for inexperienced riders, coupled with a very long service life, can reduce maintenance cycles and costs. The firmness, reliability and durability of CUES U6000 can fully meet the off-road environment, and the soft and smooth feel is also pleasing.
shimano beast cues
air suspension fork
sava beast cues u6000 headset
   thick head tube
The BEAST carbon fiber frame uses 29er wheels and a 148mm Boost thru axle. The tapered steerer fork has 100mm of travel and uses gas springs with compression damping for lockout. If your riding style is not very aggressive, the fork will be adequate, but for riding at high speeds such as through stone gardens, the fork damping response speed (mid-section support) is not enough. The float after the rear fork is locked is very small, and the bike can be shaken with all its strength. In addition, the thick head tube and bottom bracket of the frame provide sufficient rigidity, so BEAST has high pedaling efficiency. The efficiency of full-open suspension damping on off-road routes is also very high, which has been proved by Mr. BX through tests. If you're pedaling at full throttle, the car is a real beast. The head tube angle of BEAST is 69.5°, which is not slow enough from the perspective of modern mountain bike geometry, so it will not be a downhill weapon, but it will be more flexible in handling. Although Mr. BX does not support mountain horse racing, it has to be said that the pedaling efficiency and geometry of BEAST are very suitable for mountain horse racing.
sava beast carbon mtb climb
In the forest road climbing test, SAVA BEAST showed sufficient pedaling efficiency, and smooth shifting is also the key. 3 minutes 05 seconds is also the second best time, only 3 seconds behind the best time. This test also reflects the main characteristics of SAVA BEAST. Although the configuration is not high, it has no obvious shortcomings in trail riding, and it can fully fire, which can satisfy riders from beginners to advanced riders.
Continental Race King 29x2.0
Continental Race King 29x2.0, low rolling resistance on flat roads, sufficient off-road grip
hollow saddle
Comfortable short nose seat cushion
Genuine leather handle
Genuine leather handle
Brushed silver logo
Brushed silver logo
carbon fiber frame
Another great feature of this bike is its internal cable routing. The cables are routed through the frame, which not only gives the bike a sleek and clean look but also helps protect the cables from damage and dirt that can affect their performance over time.

In conclusion, the SAVA BEAST carbon fiber mountain bike is an excellent choice for avid mountain bikers looking for a high-performance, durable bike that can handle whatever the trail throws at it. With its sleek design, powerful brakes, and top-of-the-line components, this bike is a must-have for all riders who enjoy the thrill of mountain biking. Whether you're just starting or you're an experienced rider, the SAVA BEAST is a bike that will not disappoint.