How to choose your bike frame size?

If you don't know the correct frame size, here's how to measure it. of course, we have a recommended size for each bike, which is more accurate

Measuring thigh length

measure your bike frame

Measurements are best taken while wearing cycling clothing, standing on a horizontal hard surface, and with the assistance of one person. With your body upright and feet about ten centimeters apart, place a book or other similar object flat on your crotch and apply an appropriate amount of force upward that is less than that of the seat, and measure the distance from the top of the book to the ground
According to the above data, you can get the frame size you need

Road frame size = i*0.67(cm)
Mountain frame size = (i*0.67-11.0)*0.394(inch)

SAVA bikes will provide a recommended size table, usually the recommended frame size is very accurate, but the size is for reference only, you still need to check the geometry of the frame before placing an order