Exploring the Capabilities of the SAVA HAWKEYE 7.2 Full Carbon Bike

Full carbon road bike|SAVA HAWKEYE 7.2

Welcome to the next level of riding excellence! SAVA Carbon Bike is excited to introduce our latest masterpiece - the SAVA HAWKEYE 7.2 full carbon road bike featuring cutting-edge Shimano R7120 groupset. Get ready to redefine your riding experience and dominate the roads like never before.

Unmatched Performance with Full Carbon Construction

SAVA HAWKEYE 7.2 is carefully crafted and full of passion, using a T800 grade full carbon fiber frame, carbon fiber front fork, carbon fiber seat post, carbon fiber handlebar, and carbon fiber wheelset. 

Extremely light weight:The weight is only about 8.7kg (May vary due to size)

Extremely strong and durable:T800 grade carbon fiber material construction ensures a lightweight yet sturdy ride

Excellent shock absorption :allowing you to conquer any terrain with ease. Whether you're climbing hills or sprinting down flat roads, this bike delivers unparalleled performance, making it the perfect choice for riders looking for the best.

Full internal cable routing

Aerodynamic fully internal routing design

Simple appearance: The all-internal cable routing design makes the appearance of the bicycle simpler, with no exposed cable tubes, making it more beautiful.
Reduced maintenance: Since the wire tube is inside the frame, it can avoid damage to the wire tube from the external environment, thereby reducing the frequency and difficulty of maintenance.
Improved performance: Improved bike performance due to internal cable routing that reduces air resistance.
Enhanced safety: The internal cable routing design allows the bicycle to be used on rainy days or muddy roads, reducing the exposure of cable pipes and reducing the possibility of danger due to friction.
Extend the life of the wire tube: Since the wire tube is inside the frame, it is less affected by the external environment, so the life of the wire tube can be extended.
Convenient upgrade and maintenance: The internal wiring design makes upgrade and maintenance more convenient. You only need to open the wiring tube inside the frame for operation.
Increase comfort: Since the internal cable routing design will not be interfered by the external environment, it can reduce the interference caused by the cable tube on riding and increase riding comfort.
Reduce wind resistance: Due to the internal cable routing design, the cable tube can be hidden inside the frame, thereby reducing wind resistance and improving riding efficiency.

shimano 105 r7120 groupset

Shimano 105 Groupset: Precision at Every Shift


At the heart of the HAWKEYE 7.2 lies the Shimano R7120 groupset, a true game-changer for road cyclists. Enjoy seamless and precise shifting with Shimano's renowned engineering. The R7120 groupset not only enhances your riding experience but also provides reliability and durability that you can trust mile after mile.

SHIMANO R7120 has made great upgrades on R7000

1.New handlebar design provides better control capabilities for all types of riders

The new ergonomic integrated brake lever design fits a variety of hand sizes and shapes while shortening the grip-to-handle distance. This increases leverage, allowing for better control with less force.

a.Handles that are easier to maneuver

shimano 105 r7120 shifter levers

b.More comfortable handle shape

shimano 105 r7120 shifter levers

2.The R7170 caliper is the lightest ever, offers wide brake clearance for easy wheel removal and quiet performance

The disc gap is widened by 10%, effectively reducing the disc friction rate

shimano 105 r7170 brake cliper



Key Features of the SAVA HAWKEYE 7.2:

Full Carbon road bike: Experience the perfect balance of strength and weight savings.

Shimano 105 R7120 Groupset: Enjoy smooth and reliable shifting for a performance-driven ride.

Aerodynamic Design: Maximize your speed with the aerodynamic profile, cutting through the wind effortlessly.

Comfortable and Responsive Handling: Whether you're navigating tight turns or cruising on straightaways, the HAWKEYE 7.2 responds to your every command with precision.

Hydraulic disc brake:Shimano R7170 hydraulic disc brake has excellent braking performance, easy adjustment, long-term durability and strong compatibility

Sleek Aesthetics: Ride in style with the sleek and modern design that sets the HAWKEYE 7.2 apart from the rest.

Why Choose the SAVA HAWKEYE 7.2?

Performance: Unleash your full potential with a bike designed for high-performance riding.

Quality Craftsmanship: Each SAVA bike is a result of meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring a top-tier cycling experience.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Stay ahead of the curve with the latest advancements in cycling technology, from full carbon construction to Shimano's innovative groupset.

Versatility: Whether you're a seasoned racer or a weekend warrior, the HAWKEYE 7.2 adapts to your riding style and ambitions.

Affordable price:The price is only $2399,During the launch period, you can now enjoy huge discounts on our store, click here :sava hawkeye 7.2