2017 China Bayannaoer Road Cycling Open along the Yellow River kicks off

Fierce competition

On April 28th, the opening ceremony of the "Hetao Rural Commercial Bank Cup" 2017 China Bayannaoer Road Cycling Open along the Yellow River was held at the Hetao Cultural Expo Central Square. City leaders Jia Runlian, Shi Yinlai and Tuga attended the opening ceremony.

At 8:30 in the morning, Shi Yinlai and more than 600 cycling enthusiasts carried out an honorary ride along the route of Hetao Cultural Expo Center-Wuyi Street-Jinchuan Avenue-Xinhua Street-Kaiyuan Road-Wuyi Street .

At 8:40, the game officially began. With the firing of the starting gun, the players participating in the women's individual competition (37 kilometers) rushed out of the starting point and launched an impact on the medals. After more than one hour of fierce competition, Hong Sainan from Shaanxi Xidesheng Motorsport, Dong Yanxia from Linhe UCC Motorsport and Meng Jia from Beijing Yinbeisi Motorsport won the top three in the women's individual competition. In the men's individual competition (74 kilometers), everyone catches up with me. The rhythm of the game is extremely tense. It was not until the second half that the gap was gradually widened. In the end, Chen Long from Shaanxi Xidesheng Racing Team, Sun Yijun from Shanxi Giant Racing Team and Tian Geng from Hohhot Burigude Racing Team won the top three men's individual races respectively. Ordos Tianlun Team, Northwest Outdoor Merida Cycling Team and Linhe District Xidesheng Team won the top three teams respectively.

The Bayannaoer Road Cycling Race along the Yellow River is one of the city’s key sports brand events. With its success in recent years, the popularity and influence of the event have increased year by year, attracting cycling teams and riders from all over the country to register for the competition. . In addition, the holding of various sports events is gradually becoming a window for the city to display to the outside world, playing an active role in enhancing the city's popularity and promoting national fitness activities.

Live sound

It's a pleasure to come here to participate in the competition

During the beautiful spring season, our city welcomed a group of guests from other places-the riders who came to participate in the 2017 China Bayannaoer Road Cycling Open along the Yellow River held on April 28th, many of them were the first This time I came to Bayannaoer. After the game, the reporter learned their first impression of our city through interviews.

"I came to Bayannaoer for the first time. I didn't expect the sky to be so blue and the air so good!" Yang Huang, a player from Beijing Yinbeisi Racing Team, excitedly expressed his first impression of Bayannaoer to reporters. Teammate Wu Ranbing smiled and added: "The streets here are very clean, the specialties are delicious, and the people are very enthusiastic. We all think it is a pleasure to come here to participate in the game." He also told reporters that his teammates said If you have a chance in the future, you must come here for a few more days.

Chen Long, a player from Shaanxi Xidesheng Racing Team, won the first place in the men’s individual competition. After winning the championship, he excitedly said: "This is a particularly enjoyable race. I have rarely participated in such a wide race before. Road. Although I didn’t have time to appreciate the scenery on both sides of the track carefully, I feel that the environment here is very beautiful. I am very satisfied with my performance. I will definitely come to participate in a race next year!"