SAVA HAWKEYE 7.2-White-2
Carbon fiber frameset-SAVA HAWKEYE 7.2
Aerodynamic design-SAVA HAWKEYE 7.2
Carbon fiber integrated handlebar-SAVA HAWKEYE 7.2
Carbon Fiber Wheelset-SAVA HAWKEYE 7.2
Comfortable saddle-SAVA HAWKEYE 7.2

2023 SAVA HAWKEYE 7.2 Full Carbon Road Bike 24 Speed

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Prepare to elevate your riding experience with our latest masterpiece, the 2023 SAVA HAWKEYE 7.2 Full Carbon Road Bike. Crafted to perfection, this road bike is the epitome of precision, speed, and style.

🚴‍♂️ Carbon Fiber Excellence: This road bike is engineered for peak performance, featuring a carbon fiber frame, fork, handlebar, seatpost, and wheelsets. The integration of carbon fiber throughout ensures a lightweight, agile, and incredibly strong foundation for your cycling adventures.

🚴‍♀️ Streamlined Perfection: Experience the cutting edge of aerodynamics with our sleek and aerodynamic frame design. Glide through the air with minimal resistance, allowing you to push your limits and achieve maximum speed.

🚴‍♂️ Precision Control: Equipped with the renowned SHIMANO 105 R7120 Groupset, this bike provides you with unparalleled control over your gear shifts. Say goodbye to compromise and hello to the seamless and precise performance you deserve.

🚴‍♀️ Brake with Confidence: Tackle any terrain with confidence thanks to the hydraulic disc brakes. Whether you're navigating winding descents or sudden stops, the SAVA HAWKEYE 7.2 has your safety covered.

🚴‍♂️ Unmatched Grip: The 700*25C IRC Tires offer superior grip on the road, ensuring stability and traction even on challenging surfaces. Conquer any route with ease and confidence.

Elevate your cycling journey with the 2023 SAVA HAWKEYE 7.2 Full Carbon Road Bike. Unleash the power of carbon fiber and experience the road like never before. Seize the future of cycling today!

  • Carbon fiber frame,fork,handlebar,seatpost,wheelsets
  • Weight: 8.7kg(19.2lbs)
  • Integrated carbon fiber handlebar
  • Aerodynamic frame
  • SHIMANO 105 R7120 Groupset
  • Hydraulic disc brake 
  • 700*25C IRC Tires
  • 90% pre-assembled
Frame Material T800 grade carbon fiber frame
Fork Material T800 grade carbon fiber 
Handlebar 400*31.8;T800 grade carbon fiber,Integrated
Seatpost 350MM T800 grade carbon fiber
Rims Carbon fiber ,700C*24H F/V,50 depth
Hubs Aluminum,14G*24H M12*100; M12*142  
Thru-axle Disc brake thru-axle Front:122; Rear:142 170mm
Crankset SHIMANO FC-R7100.105 12-SPEED. 2. 170MM, 50-34T
BB BB92PM,Press in (86MM-92MM)
Chain  SHIMANO CN-M6100,110LINKS
Shifter levers SHIMANO 105 ST-R7120(L),ST-R7120(R)
Front Derailleur SHIMANO FD-R7100. 12-SPEED
Rear Derailleur SHIMANO RD-R7100.12-SPEED
Freewheel SHIMANO CSHG71012.12-SPEED, 11-12-13-14-15-17-19-21-24-28-32-36T
Brake Caliper SHIMANO 105 BR-R7170(F) ;, BR-R7170(R);Hydraulic disc brake
Tires 700*25C IRC 60TPI 
Pedals Aluminum,9/16 (free include)
Saddle YBT,PU,Ergonomics

Recommend size:

Frame size Recommend size (cm) Ft+In
49cm 160cm-166cm 5'3''-5'5''
52cm 167cm-175cm 5'6''-5'9''
54cm 175cm-180cm 5'9''-5'11''
56cm 180cm-190cm 5'11''-6'3''



sava r16 frame geometry

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c. Enviado desde una fábrica china, se puede enviar a todo el mundo

Algunas bicicletas se envían desde China:

Aviso:Después de recibir su pedido. Por lo general, la producción, el montaje, la depuración, el embalaje y el envío tardan entre 6 y 8 días laborables 

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Países disponibles:EE.UU.

Tarifa de envío:Gratis

Tiempo de envío: alrededor de 3-5 días hábiles



Algunas bicicletas se envían desde un almacén de la UE:

Países disponibles:Austria, Bélgica, República Checa, Polonia, Portugal, Rumania, Serbia, Dinamarca, Eslovaquia, Eslovenia, España, Suecia, Suiza, Turquía, Finlandia, Francia, Grecia, Hungría, Italia. ,Noruega,Holanda

Tarifa de envío: Gratis 

Forma de envío:DPD Aproximadamente 3-7 días laborables


HAWKEYE 7.2 full carbon road bike HAWKEYE 7.2
SAVA frame technology

Rejecting the Use of a Single Bicycle Frame for the Entire Bike

We have independently invested in modeling after team research and multiple testing phases for various bicycle models, primarily to enhance safety performance and riding experience.

Electrostatic Cold Noodle Baking Process

Electrostatic Cold Noodle Baking Process

Electrostatic Cold Noodle Coating ensures vibrant color, superior corrosion resistance, and a truly long-lasting paint job, keeping the bike paint intact even under challenging conditions

Aerodynamic design frame

Aerodynamic design frame

Low seat stays, aerodynamic tube shape, seat stays spread out to both sides to reduce the impact of airflow disturbance on the wheel set

The application of Carbon Fibre The application of Carbon Fibre

The application of Carbon Fibre

Carbon fiber, a novel material, is among the strongest and lightest composites, highly resistant to corrosion and rust, with robust carbon bonds within its fibers, making it the top choice for rockets, aerospace, luxury sports cars, and high-end bicycles

Carbon fiber parts display

A full-carbon road bicycle offers unparalleled lightweight efficiency, comfort, and a sleek modern design, delivering superior performance and aesthetics to riders.

carbon fiber integrated handlebar

carbon fiber integrated handlebar

A seamless, lightweight, and strong one-piece carbon fiber handlebar for optimal performance and aesthetics.

Carbon fiber fork

Carbon fiber fork

Carbon fiber front forks offer unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio, delivering enhanced performance, improved vibration damping, and a sleek modern aesthetic.

Carbon fiber front and rear wheelsets

Carbon fiber front and rear wheelsets

Carbon fiber wheelsets offer superior strength-to-weight ratios, delivering enhanced performance, reduced rotational inertia, and improved acceleration. Ideal for cyclists seeking lightweight, aerodynamic efficiency and durability

Carbon Fiber Frame/Seatpost

Carbon Fiber Frame/Seatpost

Carbon fiber frames provide superior stiffness and lightweight performance, optimizing power transfer and handling. Their vibration-damping properties ensure a smoother ride, while their sleek design appeals to modern cycling enthusiasts.

Integrated Full Internal Cable Routing Design

Experience the pinnacle of cycling innovation with our carbon fiber bike: sleek internal cable routing for a clean aesthetic, enhanced aerodynamics, and reduced maintenance.

Hourglass head tube aero design

The streamlined design of the bicycle frame's front end is developed through aerodynamic performance testing, and this performance is most prominently demonstrated during uphill ascents, showcasing its advantages.

SHIMANO 105 R7120 Groupset

Shimano 105 ST-R7120

Shimano 105 ST-R7120

Designed to fit any hand size and shape, the ST-R7120 Shift/Brake levers provide a relaxed shifting experience with next-generation ergonomics for more comfort and control on the bike. The R7120 levers also feature a shorter reach – the distance from handlebar to lever – and offer lighter, smoother lever action for better braking control.

Shimano 105 FD-R7100

The Shimano FD-R7100 front derailleur delivers swift and accurate shifting with optimized cage profiles. Designed for modern road drivetrains, its lightweight construction and streamlined design ensure optimal chain guidance and reduced drivetrain noise.

Shimano 105 RD-R7100

The Shimano RD-R7100 rear derailleur offers top-notch shifting with its Shadow RD technology, ensuring a sleek design and stability. It provides a silent, efficient performance. The FD-R7100 front derailleur boasts toggle-link construction for crisp and reliable shifts across chainrings.

Shimano 105 FC-R7100

The Shimano 105 FC-R7100 crankset balances strength with weight savings. Crafted for precision, it offers optimal power transfer, ensuring every pedal stroke counts. With more gearing options and a wider range, riders can climb more comfortably with an efficient cadence and still have big enough gears to prevent spinning out mid-descent or when sprinting on the flats.

Shimano 105 BR-R7100

Shimano 105 BR-R7100

Braking is further optimized with the new Shimano 105 BR-7170 calipers that offer 10% more clearance with the brake rotor – meaning less rubbing and a quieter ride. The system is light, durable, and maintenance-friendly, with targeted innovation to simplify the brake bleeding process

Shimano 105 CSHG71012

Shimano 105 CSHG71012

The Shimano 105 CSHG71012 cassette offers a versatile gear range for diverse terrains. Precision-engineered with close-ratio sprockets, it ensures smooth and accurate shifting. Made with high-quality materials, it's both lightweight and durable. Paired with the 105 groupset, it's the heart of a reliable and efficient drivetrain.

Shimano configuration display

the new Shimano 105 R7100 12-speed groupset delivers premium performance features and updated ergonomics along with the simplicity of mechanical shifting. The lightweight SHIMANO 105 mechanical components offer reliable, easy-to-maintain shifting with a wide gear range so riders can pedal steady up climbs or focus on the winding road ahead

Shimano configuration display Shimano configuration display

Brake Performance Schematic

Shimano 105 R7170 brakes have excellent heat dissipation technology. The shorter the braking distance, the safer it is. Below is a diagram of the braking distance.

Brake Performance Schematic Brake Performance Schematic

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