Toray T800 carbon fiber frame
SAVA carbon bike

Carbon material is lightweight, can reduce the overall weight of the bicycle, reduce the physical energy consumption of the rider, increase the riding speed, high strength, high stiffness, the bicycle is not easy to deform, the riding life is longer, the shock absorption effect is good, and the endurance is high. , acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance

SAVA carbon road bike
SAVA carbon mountain bike for sale T800 carbon fiber frame
SAVA carbon gravel road bike 700*40C gravel road bike tires
SAVA carbon folding bike
SAVA gravel road bike

Aduture bike

Gravel road bike

Gravel road bikes are going to be mainstream,combining the great grip of mountain bikes with big tires and the speed of road bikes,suitable for all kinds of adventrure roads,long-distance travel

SAVA power surfboard
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SAVA Electronic shifter lever road bike  road bike hydraulic brake levers

2022 new arrival

Electronic shifter road bike

Di2 electronic shifting simplifies shifting performance into a shift button, improving longevity and precision. Di2 has an extremely strong seal, is completely waterproof, and does not affect shifting in bad weather.

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Great Value! High performance road bike, very lightweight, and easy on the eyes!


SAVA Carbon Bikes are great value for money,Good quality

TAyfun BerBer

I love my SAVA Herd6.0, I have used it for three years and still have no problems

Author's name
Manila, Philippines

I've ridden this bike approximately 1k miles, and have had absolutely zero issues. I do weigh about 208lbs, so I switched out the carbon wheels for some aluminum Vision wheels I picked up brand new for $220, and I can't be happier. I did a crit race today and crashed at 25mph. The bike is literally in perfect shape, nothing broke at all. At first I was skeptical of the quality of the carbon, but no more. I normally climb this bike as it's very hilly where I live, and it's just a fantastic overall bike. I also think it's a very aesthetically pleasing looking bike. I may even purchase my next road bike from Sava as well, but get a disc brake bike next time.

Page Broughton

Very nice bike Very lightweight shimano 105 nice &smooth 45 miles on New York Street Handle very good

Author's name
New York

Very good, every part and the workmanship of the parts are very fine, and the ride is very smooth. The price/performance ratio at this price is still quite high. The shifting of Shimano is really good, the shifting is fast and smooth, and the height of the seat is just right. The design of the fixed position Also ingenious, suitable for riding on the road


Wow! What a surprise. This is an outstanding gravel bike for half the price of a Canyon entry-level Grail Trek or Cannondale (and there would be a six month back order) The stack is accurate. the best value and quick delivery out there. Get this bike!

Dean Sives

Fast delivery and easy to assemble. Good quality. I rode the bike twice for 60+ miles, I felt very comfortable.

Gavin Kassulke

My favorite phantom3.0, I ride about 60km every day after get off work, SAVA carbon bicycle is worth recommending

Judge Andres