3D Carbon Fiber Bike Saddle
3D printed carbon fiber saddle
breathable saddle
carbon fiber bike saddle
carbon saddle
3D Carbon Fiber Bike Saddle
3D Carbon Fiber Bike Saddle

3D Carbon Fiber Bike Saddle

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Cutting-Edge 3D Printed Design: Experience innovation at its finest with our bicycle seat cushion crafted using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology. Each intricate detail is meticulously formed, ensuring optimal performance and aesthetics.
Revolutionary Honeycomb Structure: Say goodbye to discomfort during long rides! Our seat cushion features a cutting-edge honeycomb structure that provides unparalleled support and pressure distribution, promising a smooth and enjoyable cycling experience every time.
Premium Carbon Fiber Material: Elevate your cycling game with our seat cushion crafted from premium carbon fiber material. Not only does it offer exceptional durability and strength, but it also ensures a lightweight design for effortless handling and enhanced agility on the road.
Lightweight and Comfortable: Who says comfort has to come at the cost of weight? Our innovative design strikes the perfect balance, delivering a lightweight and comfortable seat cushion that doesn't compromise on performance. Say hello to hours of comfortable riding without the extra bulk.
Effortless to Use: Simplify your cycling routine with our user-friendly seat cushion. Designed for easy installation and hassle-free maintenance, it's the perfect accessory for cyclists of all levels. Get ready to hit the road with ease and style!


Type Road Bike Saddle
Style Honeycomb,breathable
Material Carbon fiber
Weight 175g
Length 245mm
Thickness 45mm
Width 145mm

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発送元:SAVA 工場


配送時間:約 8-15 日、参考のみ