2023 SAVA HULK 6.0 Carbon Gravel Bike 22 Speed - SAVA Carbon Bike
2023 SAVA HULK 6.0 Carbon Gravel Bike 22 Speed - SAVA Carbon Bike
2023 SAVA HULK 6.0 Carbon Gravel Bike 22 Speed - SAVA Carbon Bike
2023 SAVA HULK 6.0 Carbon Gravel Bike 22 Speed - SAVA Carbon Bike
2023 SAVA HULK 6.0 Carbon Gravel Bike 22 Speed - SAVA Carbon Bike
2023 SAVA HULK 6.0 Carbon Gravel Bike 22 Speed - SAVA Carbon Bike
2023 SAVA HULK 6.0 Carbon Gravel Bike 22 Speed - SAVA Carbon Bike
2023 SAVA HULK 6.0 Carbon Gravel Bike 22 Speed - SAVA Carbon Bike
2023 SAVA HULK 6.0 Carbon Gravel Bike 22 Speed - SAVA Carbon Bike
2023 SAVA HULK 6.0 Carbon Gravel Bike 22 Speed - SAVA Carbon Bike
2023 SAVA HULK 6.0 Carbon Gravel Bike 22 Speed - SAVA Carbon Bike
2023 SAVA HULK 6.0 Carbon Gravel Bike 22 Speed - SAVA Carbon Bike
Carbon fiber gravel bike|shimano grx 600|SAVA HULK

2023 SAVA HULK 6.0 Carbon Gravel Bike 22 Speed

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Model HULK CARBON-SG6.0-D RX600-22S
Weight About 9.7kg(21.4lbs) Varies by size
Frame size 47cm,51cm,54cm,56cm
Color Black,White



bicycle frame Frame R11 frame ,T800 carbon fiber 
bicycle fork Fork  R11 fork,T800 carbon fiber
bicycle seatpost Seat post 350mm ,T800 carbon fiber
bicycle headset Headset aluminum GH-592  28.6*41.8-52*39.8


rear derailleur Rear Derailleur SHIMANO RD-RX810, GRX, 11-SPEED
front derailleur Front Derailleur SHIMANO FD-RX810, GRX, FOR REAR 11-SPEED,47MM
crankset Crankset SHIMANO FC-RX810-2,GRX FOR REAR 11-SPEED,HOLLOWTECH 2,170MM,48-31T, BB51
cassette Cassette SHIMANO CS-R7000,11-SPEED,11-12-13-14-16-18-20-22-25-28-32T
shift lever Shifters SHIMANO ST-RX600
bicycle brake caliper Brakes SHIMANO BR-RX400
chain Chain KMCX11R


bicycle wheel Wheels Aluminum 700*1.5,14G*28H F/V 
bicycle rotors Rotors SHIMANO SM-RT70 SS 140MM.E/LOCK RING
bicycle tires Tires 700 x 40C Continental tires
bicycle hubs Hubs


bicycle handlebar Handlebar aluminum, φ22.2*31.8*480
bicycle stem Stem Aluminum,31.8*28.6*100
bicycle saddle Saddle YBT Ergonomic saddle
bicycle pedal Pedal Sanyun 9/16" ,Aluminum(free include)

The standard brake is set to control the front brake with the left hand and the rear brake with the right hand, please let us know if you want to change it.



Rozměry jsou pouze orientační, konkrétní rozměry naleznete v diagramu geometrie rámu
SAVA Hulk6.0 Carbon Gravel Bike Size Guide

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2-Year Frame Warranty

14 Days Free Return

Q: What is a carbon fiber bike?
A: A carbon fiber bike is a type of bicycle frame made out of carbon fiber composite material. Carbon fiber is a lightweight and strong material that is widely used in aerospace, automotive, and sporting goods industries.

Q:How to choose my correct size?
A:We have the corresponding recommended size, but it is for reference only. A small number of people have different arm lengths and leg lengths. For details, please refer to our frame geometry to choose your correct size

Q: Why are carbon fiber bikes popular?
A: Carbon fiber bikes are popular because they are lightweight, stiff, and durable. They also offer a smooth ride and are customizable to fit the needs of the rider.

Q: Can I customize my carbon fiber bike?

A:Sorry we can't do private customization, if you need to customize the bike, you need to order the bike in bulk

Q: Are carbon fiber bikes durable?
A: Carbon fiber bikes are generally very durable, but they can be prone to damage from impacts or crashes. It is important to take proper care of your carbon fiber bike, such as avoiding excessive torque on bolts and inspecting the frame regularly for signs of damage.

Q:Will my bike arrive assembled?

A:Yes, 95% of all our bicycles are pre-assembled. Customers only need to assemble the front wheel, handlebar, seat tube, and pedals.

Q: How do I maintain a carbon fiber bike?
A: To maintain your carbon fiber bike, clean it regularly with a soft cloth and mild detergent. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that can damage the frame. It is also important to store your bike in a cool, dry place and avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight.

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SAVA HULK Carbon Gravel Road Bike with an unbeatable performance that will blow your mind! Made with the top-of-the-line T800 carbon fiber frame, fork, and seatpost that will guarantee an unparalleled smooth ride on any terrain. With SHIMANO GRX600 groupsets, shifting gears will be seamless, precise and the hydraulic brakes will give you complete control even in extreme conditions. The break wind frame design will reduce air resistance, thus allowing you to ride faster at ease. Equipped with 700*40C Continental tires that provide exceptional grip on loose gravel and rocky terrain. Stay comfortable with its ergonomic saddle and lightweight carbon construction for longer rides. Perfect for gravel riders and adventurers who seek thrill but also require reliability. Upgrade your biking game and conquer every terrain with the SAVA HULK Carbon Gravel Road Bike!

  • T800 carbon fiber frame, fork, seatpost
  • Weight:About 9.7kg
  • Break wind frame
  • SHIMANO GRX600 groupsets
  • Hydraulic disc brake
  • 700*40C Continental tire
  • KMC chain
  • Ergonomic saddle
  • Free pedals include
  • 90% pre-asssembled
SAVA Hulk6.0 grx600 22speed carbon road bike SAVA Hulk6.0 grx600 22speed carbon road bike

SAVA frame’s unique shape and handmade design

Experience cycling excellence with SAVA's meticulously crafted bicycles featuring individually modeled frames, showcasing the essence of artistry

Sturdy gravel frame-sava hulk6.0

Sturdy gravel frame

The SAVA gravel-specific carbon fiber frame is lightweight, durable, has good shock-absorbing effects, and provides a very smooth and stable outdoor adventure trip

40C gravel tires

40C gravel tires

Compatible with up to 45C tires,the high-capacity 40mm housing eliminates vibrating gravel while reducing drag and rolling resistance

The application of Carbon Fibre

Carbon fiber, a novel material, is among the strongest and lightest composites, highly resistant to corrosion and rust, with robust carbon bonds within its fibers, making it the top choice for rockets, aerospace, luxury sports cars, and high-end bicycles

Carbon fiber struction

Light weight, fast, sturdy and durable, more stable riding

T800 grade carbon fiber frame & seatpost

T800 grade carbon fiber frame & seatpost

SAVA's gravel-specific frame adopts aerodynamic principles and uses high-quality carbon fiber frame, front fork, and seat post, making the entire bicycle light-weight, strong, durable, and fast, helping to alleviate riding vibrations and easily cope with any situation. complex terrain

T800 grade carbon fiber fork

The carbon fiber front fork reduces the weight of the entire vehicle and can indirectly increase speed. The carbon fiber front fork has good elasticity and can absorb more vibrations from the ground.

Integrated Cable Routing Design

Integrated Cable Routing Design

Elevate your cycling experience with Full Integrated Cable Routing Design, ensuring a sleek and aerodynamic profile for optimal performance and a clean, sophisticated aesthetic

Unique handlebar design

Experience unparalleled control and comfort with our unique handlebar design, engineered to enhance stability and optimize handling for an exceptional cycling

Aerodynamic frame Aerodynamic frame

GRX gravel-specific groupset

The industry’s first gravel-specific groupset, for smooth shifting, reliable braking, and exceptional gravel comfort.

shimano grx 600 grouspet shimano grx 600 grouspet
SHIMANO GRX600 Shifter Levers

SHIMANO GRX600 Shifter Levers

The anti-slip coating on the GRX brake levers means precise, smooth shifting, even in wet or muddy conditions, and its ergonomic design ensures comfort and control on long rides.

SHIMANO GRX810 Front Derailleur

SHIMANO GRX810 Front Derailleur

Allows for smooth and reliable shifting on rough terrain.

SHIMANO GRX810 Rear Derailleur

SHIMANO GRX810 Rear Derailleur

Offers a wide range of gears and a clutch mechanism that minimizes chain movement for increased stability and improved chain retention on bumpy courses.It also reduces chain slap, improves chain retention and reduces the risk of pinching.

SHIMANO GRX RX810-2 Crankset

SHIMANO GRX RX810-2 Crankset

The SHIMANO GRX RX810-2 crankset boasts an optimized gear ratio and a durable construction that delivers high-power transfer and precise chain retention on mixed terrains.

GRX 400 Hydraulic Disc Brake

SHIMANO GRX Hydraulic Disc Brake

Combines reliable stopping performance, an ergonomic design, and easy maintenance for a confident and effortless braking experience on any terrain.

Hollow Comfortable Saddle

Hollow Comfortable Saddle

Seamlessly combining lightweight design and ergonomic precision to deliver unparalleled comfort and support for a smooth cycling experience

Precision Braking Redefined

SHIMANO GRX BR-RX400 hydraulic disc brakes feature a low-profile, flat-mount design for better control on any complex terrain.

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