Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Flat Pedals
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9/16 universal bike pedals
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Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Flat Pedals

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Versatile Compatibility: These pedals effortlessly fit onto a variety of mountain bikes and road bikes, promising an easy installation process. Elevate your biking journey with this must-have accessory that enhances your riding experience.
Anti-Slip Design: Experience enhanced comfort and safety with our carbon fiber flat bike pedals. Engineered with anti-slip patterns and built-in grip teeth, they offer superior stability and confidence during every ride.
Ultra Lightweight Carbon Fiber: Crafted from ultra-lightweight carbon fiber, these pedals are sealed to withstand dust and water, ensuring durability in all weather conditions. Embrace unbeatable performance and reliability on every ride.
Universal Threaded Interface: Seamlessly compatible with bikes, our flat platform pedals feature a universal threaded interface, guaranteeing a secure connection that stays firm even during intense rides.
Durable DU Sealed Bearings: Enjoy effortless riding with our pedals equipped with DU sealed bearings. Self-lubricating and wear-proof, these bearings provide unbeatable stability and longevity, making every ride smoother and more enjoyable.


Weight 183g/pair
Material Carbon fiber
Bearings 3
Suitable for Road bike,mountain bike,BMX,etc

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