SAVA Aurora 7.0 Di2 Carbon Fiber Road Bike Review

Are you a cycling enthusiast looking for a high-performance road bike? Look no further than the SAVA Aurora 7.0 Di2 Carbon Fiber Road Bike. This cutting-edge bike is designed to provide an exceptional riding experience, combining advanced technology with top-quality materials. let's take a look at this Di2 bike with reference to the review by AllenLXY

SAVA Aurora 7.0 Di2

In the fiercely competitive bicycle market, when we encounter SAVA Aurora products, we are looking forward to a different evaluation experience for a new product in a new market. With the improvement of environmental protection and health awareness, as well as the popularity of short videos, the spread of various Internet celebrities and cycling events, more consumers have begun to buy bicycles, and huge demand has arisen. As the level of consumption increases, the threshold for entry increases accordingly. It is not an exaggeration to think that an electrically variable carbon fiber frame is an entry-level choice for urbanites.

Actual measurement of "99% pre-installed shipping packaging" (referred to as 99 packages)

90% pre-assembledThe Aurora I received is the kind of bike I can ride comfortably on a sunny afternoon. I just came back from lunch and saw that the whole car box had been delivered in good condition. The size was not much different from the general car box. I was still thinking about how to make it 99% original, so I couldn't wait to unbox it.

what's in the box
bike package
90% bike assembled

Packing is the traditional way of removing the front wheel. The integrated bent handlebar has been installed in place. You only need to remove the packaging and straighten the front of the car. The front wheel is independently wrapped in a carton, which effectively reduces the damage caused by internal friction during transportation and is also wrapped in the frame. A protection, more clever

bike tool boxThe bike comes with a product certificate, installation tools, pedals, electronic variable speed charger and reflective safety accessories.

SAVA Aurora 7.0 Di2 battery

SAVA Aurora 7.0 Di2 frame

Shimano R7170 transmission is the latest generation of 12-speed transmission kit. Thanks to technological development and technology decentralization, the 105 level can also enjoy the joy of electronic shifting. All the wires of the frame have been routed, and the battery has been installed on the seat tube. All you need to do is connect the wires to the seat tube, insert the seat tube into the frame and lock it, and then the installation is complete.

Assembled SAVA Aurora 7.0

99% of the pre-installation status is basically the same as expected. For entry-level consumers, it is basically a simple operation.

By the way, I also need a bike check suggestion. After consumers install it by themselves, they need to check whether the screws are locked and whether the positions are installed correctly before going on the road to ensure safe riding.

Let’s take a look at the configuration of this bike:

Model AURORA SR7.0
Brand SAVA
Weight About 8.93kg(19.65lbs) (The weight will vary by about 5% depending on the size)
Frame Size 47cm,51cm,54cm,56cm
Frame R08, T800 carbon fiber, internal cable 
Fork R08, T800 carbon fiber, internal routing 700C*100
Front Hub XY 288F-M12*100,Aluminum 2BS 14G*28H M12*100
Rear Hub XY 288R-M12*142,Aluminum 14G*28H M12*142 Steel Taki 40 rings
Rims Aluminum  700C,700*1.5,14G*28H F/V
Thru Axle Disc brake thru axle,front M12*122, rear M12*142,170mm
Tires 700x25C Ultra Sport II (C304 SL) Wire
Handlebar T800 carbon fiber integrated handlebar 420*31.8
Seatpost R08 T800 carbon fiber. Special-shaped 350MM
Crankset SHIMANO FC-R7100.105 12-SPEED. 2. 170MM, 50-34T
Left shift lever SHIMANO 105 ST-R7170(L), BR-R7170(F), FOR 140MM. 800MM
Right shift lever SHIMANO ST-R7170(R), BR-R7170(R)25MM. 1500MM
Front derailleur SHIMANO FD-R7150. 105 12-SPEED. CS-ANGLE: 61-66. GEAR: 50-52T, CL: 44.5MM
Rear derailleur SHIMANO RD-R7150. 105 12-SPEED. W/TL-EW300
Flywheel SHIMANO 105 CS-R7100. 12-SPEED, 11-12-13-14-15-17-19-21-24-27-30-34T
Disc brake rotor PRO P56-140MM
Chain KMCX12
Pedals Sanyun
Saddle YBTK270F003,ergonomics
Battery SHIMANO, EW-SD300, 600MM, EW-SD300, 1200MM

Cycling experience

ride on the way

The city's greenway around the city is entrenched under the beltway, stretching for about 100km in a circle. The road surface is flat and slightly undulating. It connects several parks through various bridges and bicycle paths. It is the most crowded time on weekends. It’s rare that there are not many people on this working day, so I put on my pedals and rode to the greenway.

hill riding

It was a small uphill bridge at the beginning. I had not fully adapted to the geometry of the new bike, so I couldn't help but adjust to the rocking state. I originally thought that the dragging feeling of the aerodynamic frame would follow, but it was not as heavy as expected. He rode briskly to the top of the bridge.

riding on the bridge

The black and white color scheme and the fully internal cable routing design make the entire bicycle look quite refreshing and attract the attention of many passers-by.

The green roads are still mostly flat roads, and there is just a section of wide road surface. I grabbed the lower handle and wanted to see how Aurora performs in sports mode.

Accelerate riding

Rock the bike

When the bike is cranked to accelerate and maintain high-speed cruising, Aurora's performance is not as heavy as expected. After the acceleration output is converted into kinetic energy, combined with the aerodynamically optimized frame, it can effectively reduce the power output when cruising on flat roads. The stable performance at high speed is remarkable, and Shimano's electronic shifting is the icing on the cake, maintaining stability and accuracy even in high-speed cruising.

Aurora's frame geometry is relatively friendly. The head gasket of corresponding height is reserved according to the needs of consumers to adapt to long-distance riding. After long-distance riding, you can also switch to the upper handlebar position to relax your waist muscles for more comfort. riding position.

racing bike

After a little wild play, the car directly cut across a patch of uneven grass. The bike also maintained stable control on mild off-road roads, which is especially important for entry-level consumers. Most entry-level riders will have to adapt to road bikes for a period of time. Control is the biggest difficulty. The stability of the front of the bike is a guarantee for entry-level riders' safety.

I purchased an electronic shifting carbon fiber road bike for more than $2999. It also has certain performance and meets the needs of the new generation of bicycle consumers who "get started with electric variable speed" and "have everything they need." With a slight upgrade, it can be used in competitive arenas, basically meeting all needs. The greenway on weekends is a crowded place. The 100-kilometer loop passes through several popular parks. Bridges with gentle slopes and large flat roads complement each other. Acceleration and cruise are alternately output. Shimano electronic shifting has greatly improved the speed. With its riding efficiency and stable control, it can easily cope with pedestrians and shared bicycles. Aurora fits the role of the king of greenways.

More bike details:

Full internal cable routing

Full internal cable routing design

The integrated aerodynamic handlebar and the fully internal cable routing system make the front of the car very simple.

shimano 105 Di2 R7170 groupset

Unparalleled performance

Equipped with a Shimano Ultegra Di2 R7170 electronic shifting system, the SAVA Aurora 7.0 Di2 Carbon Fiber Road Bike offers precise and smooth gear changes. This advanced technology ensures that every shift is seamless, allowing riders to maintain their momentum and focus on the road ahead. With a 24-speed gear system, cyclists can easily tackle both steep climbs and fast descents.

Hidden seatpost clamp design and UCI certification of the frame

UCI approved

Comfort and stability

The SAVA Aurora 7.0 Di2 Carbon Fiber Road Bike features a carbon fiber frame and fork, which absorb road vibrations and provide a comfortable ride. The frame is designed to optimize aerodynamics, reducing drag and increasing speed. The bike's geometry is carefully engineered to provide a balanced and stable riding position, enhancing control and handling.

carbon fiber frame

Enhanced safety features

Safety is a top priority when it comes to cycling. The SAVA Aurora 7.0 Di2 Carbon Fiber Road Bike is equipped with powerful Shimano Ultegra R7170 hydraulic disc brakes, ensuring reliable stopping power in all weather conditions. The disc brakes provide consistent and controlled braking, giving riders peace of mind during their rides.


The SAVA Aurora 7.0 Di2 Carbon Fiber Road Bike is a top-of-the-line choice for cyclists who demand the best in performance, comfort, and safety. With its lightweight carbon fiber construction, advanced electronic shifting system, and superior braking capabilities, this road bike is sure to elevate your cycling experience. Whether you're a professional racer or a recreational rider, the SAVA Aurora 7.0 Di2 Carbon Fiber Road Bike is a reliable and high-performing companion on the road.