Aurora 7.2 VS AK105 :Which bike should you choose ?

Choosing the right bicycle can be a challenging task, given the plethora of options available. In this overview, we compare two high-performance bicycles: the Aurora 7.2 and the AK105. Both models boast impressive features and specifications, making them popular choices among cycling enthusiasts. By highlighting their key characteristics and differences, we aim to help readers make an informed decision.

Same point:

1.Design and build: T800 carbon fiber frame ,carbon fiber fork, carbon fiber handlebar,carbon fiber seat post,carbon fiber wheelsets, internal cable routing

2.Performance: Upper-midrange components,shimano 105 R7120 shifter levers,shimano 105 r7100 derailleur system, Prowheel crankset,hydraulic disc brakes

3.Weight: about 8.8kg(19.4lbs)

4.700x25C IRC tires ,Compatible with tires up to 28C width

5.UCI approved


Frame Painting:AK105:The design inspired by aurora and sunset hues

Aurora 7.2:  Simple and elegant paintwork

While both bicycles share almost identical configurations, their visual designs set them apart. The AK105 incorporates the vibrant design concepts of auroras and sunset twilights, whereas the Aurora 7.2 features a more minimalist aesthetic. By examining these differences, potential buyers can better determine which model aligns with their preferences and needs.

Price :


The AK105 bike is painted in a new design for 2024. which is $100 more expensive than the Aurora 7.2 because of its exquisite paint design and concept.

If you are a rider with feelings, you may prefer AK105. Just like the aurora and sunset, we will embracing the essence of nature's most captivating scenes with our Aurora and Twilight paintwork, designed to inspire riders with a sense of adventure and tranquility on every journey.

In addition, The exquisite paint design will attract everyone's attention when you are riding. But if you are a pragmatic person who is more sensitive to price, you may prefer Aurora 7.2. Whether it is AK105 or Aurora7.2, it is a good choice for you to pursue speed and competition.In fact, it's also true that these two bikes are sold in almost equal proportions in the marketplace