2024 SAVA EX7 New Product Launch

SAVA, a renowned bicycle manufacturer and brand holder, is known for its rigor, reliability, professionalism, and cost-effectiveness. Engaging in research, development, production, sales, and service, SAVA specializes in carbon fiber performance bicycles.

SAVA brand background

SAVA has always pursued innovation and excellence, delving deep into the cycling domain. In 2024, they proudly present a lineup of new bicycles, including the EX 7 series. Among the recent releases are two exceptionally cost-effective models, the EX 7 PRO and EX 7 SL. These bikes have quickly garnered attention with their exquisite paintwork and unique frame designs, while standing out in the market with impressive specifications and remarkably low prices.

SAVA was founded in 2005 with the mission of enabling more people to enjoy the thrill of professional cycling. Renowned in the cycling realm for its exceptional technological innovation and high-quality products, SAVA continuously integrates science and design to offer riders the most advanced biking experiences. Its technological innovations span various aspects, including material selection, structural design, and manufacturing processes. SAVA utilizes advanced carbon fiber materials, known for their lightweight, high strength, and excellent shock resistance, ensuring stability, agility, and durability during rides. Moreover, stringent quality control is pivotal to SAVA's success. Each SAVA bicycle undergoes rigorous quality inspections and professional testing to meet the highest standards in performance, safety, and comfort. Whether for leisure rides or professional competitions, SAVA remains committed to relentless pursuit of quality, delivering outstanding cycling experiences to enthusiasts worldwide.

Why SAVA decided to launch the new EX7 series?

SAVA's decision to launch the new EX7 series is based on in-depth analysis and insights into market trends and user needs.

First of all, changes in market trends are one of the important factors driving SAVA to launch the new EX7 series. As the bicycle market continues to develop and competition intensifies, consumer demand for bicycles is also constantly evolving. Their requirements for performance, comfort, durability and design are constantly increasing. In such a market environment, SAVA must continue to innovate and launch new products that conform to market trends and user needs in order to maintain its competitive advantage.

Secondly, changes in user needs are also an important consideration for SAVA in launching the new EX7 series. SAVA pays close attention to user feedback and needs, and understands user preferences and expectations through market research and user surveys. In the context of changing user needs, SAVA must continuously improve its products to meet user needs and enhance user experience. The launch of the new EX7 series is based on an in-depth understanding and response to user needs, aiming to provide users with a better riding experience.

Therefore, SAVA's decision to launch the new EX7 series is not only a positive response to market trends and user needs, but also a reflection of SAVA's continuous innovation and improvement of brand competitiveness. By continuously launching excellent products, SAVA will continue to win the trust and support of users and maintain its leading position in the bicycle industry.

Features and technical design concepts of the new EX7 series:

The overall use of large cuts of color constitutes the main visual, and the cuts.The color position is specially selected at the edges and corners of the frame to Visually enhance the frame's structural turn. huge.The large down tube logo further enhances the overall paint finish.The visual impact of the decoration and the large-scale main view feelings echo.in order to avoid the logo being too abrupt, the lower half Use gradient design elements to make the entire the logo is integrated into the overall paint. The seat stays are also using the same design elements as the down tube form a response. These design adjustments successfully enhanced improves the visual impact and coherence of the overall painting nature, making the entire design more attractive and consistent colorful main visual style

EX7 frame

 Advanced technology and materials:

Ultra-light aluminum alloy frame

SAVA custom high-density aluminum alloy is a corrosion-resistant material that maintains lightweight properties without compromising strength. Therefore, it is suitable for manufacturing high-end bicycle frames, especially at the welding joints of the frame.

SAVA flat welding process frame

Carbon fiber fork

Carbon fiber reduces the weight of the front fork while minimizing resistance, enhancing its lateral stability, and giving it a distinctive aerodynamic structure. This achieves precise bike control

Full internal cable routing design

The integrated internal cable routing enhances aesthetics, reduces aerodynamic drag, and protects cables for improved performance and safety.

Aerodynamic frame

The EX7 aerodynamic frame offers a comprehensive aerodynamic advantage with integrated wind-breaking features, including internal cable routing and wind-breaking wheelsets, ensuring optimal performance and speed on the road.

Frame Geometry

Judging from its geometric frame parameters, the EX7 is a radical frame, a competition type.

EX7 frame geometry

The EX7 series currently with two models, EX7 PRO and EX7 SL.



Frame size:47cm.49cm,52cm,54cm,56cm

Weight:about 10.8kg


Red color:


EX7 Pro-red

Gery color:

EX7 PRO-grey

Champagne color:

EX7 Pro-champagne

Technical specifications:

bicycle frame Frame Aluminum alloy frame
bicycle fork Fork Carbon fiber frame;700C*100
bicycle seatpost Seat post Aluminum alloy,Water drop Shape ,350MM (with smart taillight)
bicycle headset Headset JY, tapered


rear derailleur Rear Derailleur SHIMANO  105 RD-R7000,GS 11-SPEED
front derailleur Front Derailleur SHIMANO 105 FD-R7000-L,11-SPEED, DOWN-SWING
crankset Crankset Prowheel 34/50T*170MM, BB68
cassette Cassette 11-32T, 11S
shift lever Shifters SHIMANO 105 ST-R7000,2*11 SPEED 
bicycle brake caliper Brakes PRO3.0,cable pull hydraulic disc brake
chain Chain YBN 11S 1/2"x11/128


bicycle wheel Wheels Aluminum alloy 700C*24H 19*24.5*36MM
bicycle tires Tires 700x28C DK27
bicycle hubs Hubs thru-axle,M12*14G/24H*100mm, M12*14G/24H*142mm
bicycle handlebar Handlebar Curved handlebar, aluminum integrated handlebar, φ23.8*28.7*400
bicycle stem Stem Aluminum
bicycle saddle Saddle YBT,PU,ergonomics
bicycle pedal Pedal Free pedals include ,9/16



Colors: Black,White,Blue,Red,Grey

Frame size :47cm,49cm,52cm,54cm,56cm

Weight:about 11kg

EX7 SL colors

Technical Specifications: 

bicycle frame Frame Aluminum alloy frame
bicycle fork Fork Carbon fiber fork;700C*100 ,integrated
bicycle seatpost Seat post  Aluminum alloy ,Water drop ,350MM(with smart sensor light)
bicycle headset Headset JY, tapered


rear derailleur Rear Derailleur SHIMANO RD-R7100.12-SPEED
front derailleur Front Derailleur SHIMANO FD-R7100. 12-SPEED.
crankset Crankset 50/34T*170MM.2PCS
cassette Cassette CS-R9012 11-34T 12-speed 
shift lever Shifters SHIMANO 105  ST-R7120 2*12 speed
bicycle brake caliper Brakes SHIMANO 105  BR-R7170
chain Chain KMC S-X12R


bicycle wheel Wheels Aluminum alloy 700C*24H 19*24.5*36MM
bicycle tires Tires 700x28C DK27
bicycle hubs Hubs Thru-axle ,M12*14G/24H*100mm; M12*14G/24H*142mm
bicycle handlebar Handlebar Bent handlebar, Aluminum ,Integrated, φ23.8*28.7*400
bicycle stem Stem Aluminum
bicycle saddle Saddle PU, ergonomic
bicycle pedal Pedal

Aluminum ,Free pedals include ,9/16


Usage scenarios: leisure riding, commuting to work, traveling, competition

EX7 Pro

Future Outlook:

As the bicycle industry continues to evolve, SAVA will continue to uphold its spirit of innovation, constantly introducing more advanced and market-oriented products. In the future, SAVA may continue to explore and break through in areas such as technological innovation, material research and development, and design concepts to meet the changing needs of cyclists and enhance the brand's competitiveness in the market.

Impact and Significance of the New EX7 Series:

The launch of the new EX7 series marks a further breakthrough for SAVA in product development and marketing. Incorporating advanced technologies such as integrated wind-breaking handlebars, internal cable routing design, and wind-breaking wheelsets, this series enhances product performance and user experience, further consolidating SAVA's leading position in the high-performance bicycle field. At the same time, the new EX7 series has also garnered more attention and recognition for the SAVA brand, laying a solid foundation for the company's future development.


The significance of the SAVA new EX7 series release is profound, not only bringing more business opportunities and market share to the company but also providing cyclists with a superior product selection and riding experience. This series not only showcases SAVA's steadfast pursuit of quality and performance but also demonstrates a profound understanding and concern for user needs, injecting new vitality and momentum into the long-term development of the SAVA brand.